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Batman and Wonder Woman games rumoured to be in development

Published: 11:27, 06 December 2018
Updated: 10:01, 13 December 2018
Warner Bros
Batman looking over a devastated part of town
Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham Knight

Leaks are usually annoying things that happen and then ruin your walls, but in gaming they bring exciting news and rumours ahead of time. In this fashion, ResetEra and 4chan users leaked Batman: Court of Owls and a new Wonder Woman game.

Fans of Rocksteady's Arkham games have been speculating that the developer will announce a new Superman game at The Game Awards 2018, which they flatly dismissed as inaccurate rumours. Now, new leaks point to the actual announcements being Batman: Court of Owls and Wonder Woman: Circle of Light.

Technically, the Warner Bros. Montreal from ResetEra doesn't mention Batman Court of Owls explicitly, but there are hints of a new game in development, which many fans hope is a sequel to Arkham Origins. On top of that, WB Montreal's Assistant Producer a black shirt with an intricate owl design on its back.

This would mean the Court of Owls game is way into the development cycle, as the popped up on 16 December 2017 and chances of seeing an announcement at The Game Awards seem to grow. If the game reveal turns out to be true, it will definitely be every Batman fan's wet dream.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman: Circle of Light was leaked on 4chan of all places, and according to the leaker, the game will first be shown with an in-game cinematic. IGN will then have a go at the exclusive gameplay footage. If this turns out to be true, it will mean that the Wonder Woman game has been in development in parallel with the Court of Owls.

NetherRealm Studios Batman fighting Superman in Injustice 2, while he's wearing his futuristic suit. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Injustice

Circle of Light was apparently codenamed Project Diana, and will feature a story where Wonder Woman will attempt to stop Hades and Circe from breaking the Source Wall and rewriting history. She seems to have failed this task as EA has already released Battlefield V.

The game will feature destructible environment and will have two distinct maps that the players will be able to travel between. Apparently, there will be no loading screens so the project indeed looks massive.

Bear in mind these are still unconfirmed leaks and could potentially end up being just rumours for the moment, so take this information with a grain of salt.


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