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Baptiste's new skin will be earnable in-game, like Bastet Ana

Published: 17:21, 18 June 2019
Picture of Baptiste's new skin in Overwatch
Overwatch - Baptiste

Blizzard recently released a short story for Baptiste that was coupled with two screenshots of what seemed to be a new skin for the combat medic. Now it appears that unlocking the skins will be tied to victories rather than loot boxes.

Bastet Ana skin became available shortly after her story was updated with new entries that talked about her vigilante days. Once it was available, the skin could be earned by winning games with no need to purchase loot boxes.

It looks like Baptiste's next skin will follow the same rules - the combat medic received a short story, it contained a bit with Baptiste in his old outfit and now that outfit is making its way into Overwatch. 

Just like with Bastet Ana, players will need to win nine matches in Overwatch in order to unlock this limited edition skin. Wins can come from Arcade, Quick Play and Competitive so pretty much everyone in the player base is covered.

There is no official start and finish date for this mini-event but players had about two weeks to get the nine victories required for Bastet Ana so Baptiste's challenge will probably follow similar rules.

No official release date for the skin has been announced either but it is expected Blizzard will roll it out with the new update that has high chances of proving to be quite controversial.

It includes some balance changes and one of them happens to be a faster fire rate for McCree's primary fire. The delay between shots will now be 0.4 seconds instead of 0.5, effectively increasing the hero's fire rate by 20 per cent and potential DPS by almost the same number - the reload time is still the same.

Blizzard McCree as Scrooge McCree for Winter Wonderland 2017 Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 - Scrooge McCree

Furthermore, McCree players should find it easier to keep their crosshairs on target since the recoil animation is quicker now as well, which should help him come out victorious in mid to long range duels against other heroes capable of fighting at distance.

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