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Inside dominates the 2017 BAFTA Game Awards, Uncharted 4 wins best game

Published: 12:36, 07 April 2017
BAFTA - Polishing awards

Last night's BAFTA Game Awards 2017 show was dominated by indie title Inside taking home 4 awards, followed by Firewatch and Overcooked with two awards each. Uncharted 4 was awarded with Best Game.

The British Academy Game Awards 2017 stream last night was marked by indie titles, prominent among which was Inside, taking home four awards. Inside, Playdead's follow-up game to Limbo, received awards for Best Narrative, Artistic Achievement, Original Property and Game Design.

PlayDead Inside Inside

Firewatch received prizes for Debut Game and Best Performance, while Overcooked was declared Best British and Best Family game. Uncharted 4 got Best Game and AMD promoted its brand by helping gamers vote a cash-grab mobile game into a position where it also could receive at least some sort of reward. Here is a list of award winners.

I would also like to take this opportunity to award the Most SJW pandering laden acceptance speech award powered by Telxvi to Cissy Jones for her acceptance speech for the Best Performance award. I have developed a deep disgust and disapproval towards award shows over the years. They always manage to collapse under the weight of their convoluted internal logic. Other than lacking any sort of explanation or transparency regarding the reasons for honouring one thing over another, award shows tend to be an exercise in circulatory masturbation.

TweakTown Uncharted 4 - A winning smile Uncharted 4 - A winning smile

How does Uncharted 4 get best game, despite not being specifically awarded in any other category? Does that mean Uncharted 4 should have won all the awards it was nominated for, but that would have just made everyone else look bad and the entire award ceremony pointless in the first place? Or does that mean Naugty Dog did enough things right but not quite award worthy, so it stacks up somehow? What's the difference between a nomination and a honourable mention? What makes The Last Guardian more of an Audio Achievement compared to DOOM, if it took the studio 7 years to get there? I literally have no idea why any of the awards went where they did, as an audience member I sat in front of a twitch stream and left my seat with more questions raised than answered.

YouTube John Romero - He finally has someone to look up to John Romero - He finally has someone to look up to

The only redeeming quality about the whole thing was Brenda Romero receiving a special award, which amounts to something similar to a lifetime achievement award and the logic behind that is crystal clear. Brenda has made great contributions to the gaming world since before a lot of us were even born, and she managed to make John Romero her bitch, which is an act deserving of an award by itself. Showing some sort of appreciation for an individual's labour and contributions to an industry is a simple enough concept for me to wrap my mind around. No forced idea of a competition, nominees or fanfare, just a straightforward "thank you for everything you've done for us". The only stain on that part of the show was Rhianna Pratchett's inability to restrain herself and the inevitable comment about diversity,  most likely emboldened by Ciddy Jones' acceptance speech - but Telxvi can only give away one award at a time, so Rhianna will have to wait her turn.

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