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A Nintendo Switch version of Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja is approaching

Published: 16:08, 15 March 2018
Updated: 19:23, 15 March 2018
Flying Tiger Entertainment
Some bad dudes standing back to back looking for criminal ninjas.
Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja

Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja are another arcade classic being ported to Nintendo Switch by Flying Tiger Entertainment. The game is set to be released on 21 March 2018. Are you bad enough dude to stop ninja-related crime once again?

Following last month's release of Gate of Doom for Nintendo Switch, Flying Tiger Entertainment are pressing the attack with another Data East classic release this month. Players who are looking for an arcade beat-em-up will get another treat next week, but this time Flying Tiger Entertainment are charging £7 or $10 USD instead of the usual £5,70 or $8 USD.

Bad Dudes have appeared on consoles before, with decent ports for the NES and Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Switch will be getting the arcade edition though, and will feature a local two player co-op mode. 

Flying Tiger Entertainment Bad dudes title screen that lets you chose between singledude and multidude modes. Bad Dudes - Are you bad enough for an arcade edition though?

In case you haven't been graced by the history-making writing from Bad Dudes, here is a quick rundown. You and your co-op buddy are bad dudes and at the start of the game a Dolph Lundgren lookalike will promptly ask you if you're a ''bad enough dude'' to rescue the president of the United States who has been kidnapped by ninja criminals.

Screenshots from the Switch's eShop  seem to show a faithful port of the arcade edition, that will apparently emulate an arcade screen's curved frame as well. The game's features haven't been detailed yet but players can expect leaderboards and different control styles, akin to the ones in Gate of Doom.

Flying Tiger Entertainment Bad dudes final screen where president Ronnie asks you out for a burger. Bad Dudes - Drew Karpyshyn has got nothing on these guys.

Apparently Flying Tiger Entertainment are hungry for porting Data East games to Switch and more of them are expected to arrive in the near future. They will also be porting Bad Dudes to other consoles in the meantime, just in case president Ronnie needs more saving on PS4 and Xbox One.

In hindsight he looks awfully lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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