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Babylon's Fall had a miserable launch on Steam, peaking at 650 concurrent players

Published: 09:17, 04 March 2022
Platinum Games
Babylon's Fall official logo
Babylon's Fall logo

Platinum Games' latest title doesn't seem to be attracting enough players at launch, at least not on the PC platform. 

Babylon's Fall, a brand new hack and slash multiplayer title from the developer of Bayonetta and Nier: Automata, Platinum Games and publisher Square Enix is having a very rough launch, judging by the data from Steam. 

The game has peaked at 650 concurrent players on Steam during its launch day, which is abysmal for this long-awaited title. The user reviews are also mixed with only 52 per cent of them being positive.

So, what's the reason for such a poor launch on PC? Well, there's plenty of them, not just one. First, it's a game that no one really asked for. Platinum are known for their amazing single-player games and a live-service title is certainly the last thing their fans wanted.

Secondly, Babylon's Fall launched just shortly after two mammoth releases - Horizon: Forbidden West and Elden Ring. The latter took the world by storm and it's absolutely stealing the spotlight from every single game out there. 

Additionally, the marketing for Babylon's Fall has been non-existent. If you didn't even know that the game was released this week, you're not the only one. It seems that a lot of players were not even aware of the launch. 

Babylon's Fall Babylon's Fall

Last but not least, Babylon's Fall is available only on PlayStation and PC, leaving out the Xbox version. We're not saying that a release on Xbox would significantly help the player count on launch but it certainly would not hurt. 

Babylon's Fall is planned as a live-service game but after such a poor launch, it remains to be seen what Platinum have in store for the title. Without some major changes, we doubt Babylon's Fall will survive much longer. 

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