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August PS Plus lineup is headed by Mafia III and Dead by Daylight

Published: 20:10, 02 August 2018
Hangar 13
Mafia 3 protagonist, Lincoln Clay, is shooting someone
Mafia 3

PS Plus for August has been announced and the games that will be featured this month are Mafia III and Dead by Daylight for PlayStation 4 and joined by a rather interesting roster of games for PS Vita and PlayStation 3, such as Space Hulk.

While Mafia III had a somewhat rocky lifespan, it is definitely a game many will be glad to try with PS Plus. It has somewhat underwhelming combat mechanics and character design, as well as overall story not matching up with the previous two Mafia games, but that doesn't make it bad one on its own.

Players will fill shoes of Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran as he returns to USA and starts messing up everything for everyone. Fans of old school muscle cars will love this it as late '60s New Orleans is littered with them and you can pretty much steal whatever you want.

Those who are not that into open world games may find their home in Dead by Daylight, which is a five player multiplayer game. One player takes the role of a spooky killer inspired by slasher and other horror movies, while the other four are prey attempting to escape the killer. 

The game never rose to critical acclaim, but it still holds rather favourable reviews, scoring 76 per cent overall positive reviews on Steam, out of over 104.600 reviews in total. Some players might be thrown off by a large amount of DLC for the game though.

PlayStation 3 enthusiasts will get a shot at Serious Sam 3: BFE. It may not have lived up to other Serious Sam titles but it's still an enjoyable game nonetheless. Most importantly, it has split a screen couch co-op mode which is sadly a rare sight in this day and age.

The second title PS3 users will get is Bound by Flame, which fell under the radar rather quickly being a rather polarising creation. Some players have seriously enjoyed it, while others only recommend it bundled or if obtained via giveaways. Well, it's bundled now.

Behaviour A female killer in a rabbit mask is carrying her victim over her shoulder. Dead by Daylight - Somebody is going to get hooked

PS Vita users will get to crawl around in Space Hulk with their massive Terminator power armours, duking it out with Genestealers. It is another polarising game on this list, as some enjoyed its feeling of playing like a board game, while others don't like the amount of RNG involved.

Draw Slasher will also be available in August PS Plus bundle, for those who prefer kooky style and narrative over super serious 40K universe. Not cool, heretic.

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