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Atari's nostalgia-infused-but-modern console is up for preorders

Published: 14:34, 02 June 2018
Picture of a console that is looking to wreck everyone's wallets with its nostalgia appeal
Atari VCS

Atari haven't released a console since 1993 but they are now looking to walk down the nostalgia lane and compete with the big names in console gaming world at the same time. Their product seems to be ready and pre-orders are now available.

Just like with everything else these days, Atari VCS will have different editions. The console pictured on the picture above is the more expensive one that will be included in the Collector's Edition, which starts from $299. The "Onyx" one will be all black and will not appeal to the nostalgic players as much but it will start at the cheaper price of $199.

The only difference between the two is the colour scheme, since the Collector's Edition VCS will be coupled with the classic joystick and will feature the wooden front panel reminiscent of Atari 2600. Meanwhile, the Onyx version is still pretty in its own right and arguably looks nicer than the current console powerhouses Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

On the other hand, it is not clear yet whether Atari VCS will be able to perform on their level. The only games that were confirmed so far are the classic Atari collection and it is known that the Atari Jaguar for example had issues with game library versatility. Atari VCS specifications aren't exactly high end either, as it will have just 4GB DDR4 RAM and 32 GB memory. 4GB RAM means it will run only low spec modern games and AAA are pretty much out of question due to their size eating up 32 GB for breakfast without a flinch. With that in mind, it is clear Atari VCS will not be able to compete hardware-wise. It is safe to say that even last generation smartphones have more under the hood than that.

The console will also allow users to connect to social media, which may be more or less redundant since everyone just uses computers at home and smartphones on the move. Or even smartphones at home.

There will be a gamepad with contemporary layout however, hinting that Atari VCS might still go up against Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by aiming to enter a corner of the modern game market. Atari have also announced they will have new console exclusive games as well. It makes one wonder if it will also support Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers since you can literally buy the console without its own controller or joystick.

Atari Gif image showcasing Atari VCS's pretty exterior Atari VCS

While appealing to potentialy nostalgic players, the Atari VCS also seems slightly futuristic with its built-in voice commands. You can find more info on different pre-order packages and the console's features on its . According to the page, Atari VCS should be available in July 2019.

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