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PS5 reveal and more from Sony coming next month, new source claims

Published: 08:56, 15 January 2020
Steel Drake
artwork showing PS5 concept design
PS5 concept design

Sony will most definitely host PlayStation 5 reveal event in February 2020 along with with a lot of other stuff, a new source claims. Apparently, Microsoft may sit tight until E3 2020.

Sony are yet to spill the beans on their next-gen console PlayStation 5. We know a couple of details about the hardware but the major features and pricing are yet to be unveiled. However, that could change next month on the rumoured Sony PlayStation event.

Keep in mind that Sony are yet to officially announce this event and there is no any info from the Japanese tech giant that it is actually happening but there's a lot of reports, leaks and rumours floating around at the moment so it's safe to say that something, PS5-related is indeed coming in February 2020.

According to Patrick Klepek, Senior Reporter at Waypoint and co-host of Til Death Do Us Part Podcast, something is definitely coming from Sony in February and there will be plenty of it. Speaking about next-gen consoles reveal, Klepek said that both Sony and Microsoft will probably host their reveal events next month. 

"Probably next month will be both, presumably the Xbox and PlayStation events will not be too far behind one another, that would be my guess," he said and added that he has not heard much about Microsoft's event, which may suggest that company also plan to sit tight until E3 2020."I haven't heard much about what Microsoft's doing, so maybe they'll be quiet until E3. But a lot of Sony stuff next month for sure," he concluded.

Like we have already mentioned, Sony are yet to confirm the event but it is becoming increasingly likely that announcement is just around the corner. Luckily, we won't have to wait too long to see what exactly Sony have up in their sleeve as February is inching closer.

PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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PlayStation 4 Glacier White - Set
PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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