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Artifact 2.0 beta test invites starting soon for some players

Published: 00:47, 19 May 2020
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Valve released a blog post detailing some of their progress with the testing of the attempt to revitalise Artifact and mentioned that some players interested in participating in beta will get invites next week.

Artifact 2.0 has reached the next step in its testing journey before the full release. There is currently not much info on the latter topic but Valve did say that the beta for the game's first run "started too late and was too short" which is something many of the players will likely agree with. The good news is that Valve are looking to do better this time and offer more player access while the game is "Under Construction" for better feedback.

They also released a mini roadmap with the plans for Artifact 2.0, noting that they completed step one which was to "test boring stuff". They are no on the step called "trickle out invites, starting with players of the original release".

It is exactly what it sounds like. Beta access invites will soon start appearing in the email inboxes of those who are interested in testing the game but those who own Artifact will be the first ones to get it. The invitations will roll out next week, meaning the one starting on May 26, 2020.

There is no particular thing that will give players a better chance of getting in otherwise since it will be a lottery system that decides who gets access first. However, all the owners of Artifact will get access before any "outsiders" else get invited.

Those who don't own Artifact will be getting their invites as Valve starts transitioning to open beta. You can check out the full blog post and the accompanying FAQ on the provided link.

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