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Artifact is getting singleplayer

Published: 20:24, 21 April 2020
Promotional image for Artifact the Dota trading card game

Valve's attempt at a Dota 2 inspired TCG, Artifact, released to abysmal reception and now the devs are trying to revive it. One of the highlights is the addition of a singleplayer campaign.

Artifact had many shortcomings when it was launched and one of them was the lack of a singleplayer campaign. When Valve announced that they will attempt to revive the game after the mass exodus of players, many hoped it would be added.

Sure enough, the developers posted a tentative description of the upcoming changes to Artifact and one of them included the singleplayer campaign. According to the announcement, the devs are doubling down on storytelling through the game along with the comic exposition that the players liked the first time around.

The campaign is meant to both entertain through the aforementioned features and teach new players the mechanics of the game before they delve into PvP duels. Furthermore, it will tie into the existing progression systems so the players will feel rewarded, regardless of the way they choose to play the game.

Speaking of progression, Valve apparently listened to player feedback on this front as well. The original one was bad enough for the players to meme about paying to pay some more, instead of being pay to play.

Unlocking cards and collectables through gameplay will finally be anything as opposed to being forced to spend money. It appears that Valve will experiment with different reward structures as well.

Valve A top down view of a board in Artifact littered with cards Artifact - View of one of the lanes which players will have to manage during a match

As for the competitive play, there will be a design similar to the Dota Underlords ranked system which will hopefully provide players with worthy goals as well as a clear path to completing them.

You can check out these announced changes as well as the gameplay ones on the Artifact blog post .

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