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Arrows and cartridges are bankrupting New World players

Published: 05:31, 04 January 2022
Amazon Game Studios
In PvP, both trappers and sharpshooters have the same assignment
In PvP, both trappers and sharpshooters have the same assignment

New World has a major mess when it comes to balancing the economy and as a result, players are running out of money by just playing the game.

New World has recently shuffled the servers and resource scarcity became more prevalent than before. After all, players are no longer able to gather resources at every step now that the servers are densely populated following the merge. This led to a spike in material prices and with the changes that aimed to put more emphasis on late-game nodes, players soon found themselves with a shortage of basic necessities, like projectiles for non-magical ranged weapons.

Arrows and musket cartridges suddenly became extremely expensive as a direct result of these changes and when players who use these weapons did the math, the results were appalling. 

Some servers saw arrow price going up to half a gold apiece, which quickly adds up since you need hundreds of arrows for basically every late game activity. 

A dungeon will eat up between 300 and 400 arrows while a Myrkgard farming run takes even more, with estimates being around 500. Imagine what kind of mess it would lead to if the health bars weren't somewhat nerfed in the latest update.

Anyway, a single expedition and one Myrk run certainly don't earn players enough money and resources to warrant a 450g investment.

Amazon Games New World screenshot showing a fight Might as well just roll a GA / Warhammer spec instead

 Even if it did, those who don't use arrows or cartridges are still ahead of those who do, because they can save up everything they farmed up instead of reinvesting into ammunition.

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