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Arms Global Testpunch demo events set to begin this month

Published: 10:07, 18 May 2017

Nintendo held their Direct presentation for Arms, revealing three new characters, and detailing their post-launch updates plans. A "Global Testpunch" will take place later this month for the game launching on 16 June.

If you've been itching to play Nintendo's Arms ever since it was announced, I have some good news. Your itch is going to be scratched pretty soon. The Arms Global Testpunch demo will be available via the eShop, and playable on your Switch from 26 until 28 May and from 2 until 4 June. "To participate, simply download the free Global Testpunch demo in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch before the trials begin."

Most of these tests will be available globally, but the ones taking place on 26 May and 2 June are reserved for the players from North America only. During the Arms Direct, Nintendo also talked about the single-player Grand Prix mode, and revealed three new characters. 

Nintendo Arms - Byte and Barq Arms - Byte and Barq

Kid Cobra, Byte & Barq, and Twintelle are the latest Arms characters to be revealed during the Nintendo Direct presentation. At a similar Direct presentation in April, Nintendo highlighted Arms and Splatoon 2 as the most anticipated games coming this year. A promise of regular post-release updates has also been given. Those updates will sometimes even bring a new character along with the new features.

The full Arms Nintendo Direct and the Nintendo Minute that followed it detailed exact features, modes, and characters the game will come equipped with when it hits the Switch on 16 June.

Nintendo Arms - Master Mummy Arms - Master Mummy

There will be ten playable fighters available at launch. The most interesting, to me at least, are: the Master Mummy - the only character that can restore health while guarding; Min Min - has ramen noodle arms, I love ramen noodles; Byte & Barq - "Two fighters in one!", and one of them is a dog. 

Have fun Testpunching the competition.

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