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Zombotron has launched on Steam with all the 2D physics glory

Published: 19:17, 23 April 2019
Armor Games
Picture of the Zombotron protagonist killing zombies

Zombotron is a name browser game enthusiasts will likely remember fondly from the early days when Flash player would troll them into not being able to play it. Now a new instalment is available on Steam so no Flash player is needed.

Zombotron is probably best described as a 2D shooter that bears some resemblance to Metal Slug series but you are tasked with shooting zombies instead of pixelated caricatures of just about any creature and mechanic contraption.

In case of the current iteration of Zombotron, players will assume control of Blaze Rush, a mercenary who would take any job out of desperation. One job happened to be following a distress beacon that landed him on a foreign planet next to remains of an ancient crash site that is totally not responsible for the zombie outbreak.

Armor Games and the independent developer Anton Karlov are touting the game as having numerous ways of dealing with the undead pests, such as a pile of guns, explosions and physics. The last one probably took the most work to flesh out since dropping zombies down elevator shafts and burying them below piles of rubble are just two of supposedly many creative ways of killing them.

Zombotron costs $14.99 / €12.49 / £11.39 on Steam but it is also available on Kartridge and Humble. The game is currently on a 15 per cent off discount, probably due to the launch celebration. It will run until 29 April 2019.

As far as the system requirements go, Zombotron will allegedly run on a steam-powered boat. In all seriousness, the PC specs are really low, with the recommended ones including 4GB RAM and a 2.3 GHz CPU. You will need to allocate a grand total of 900MB of disk space for this game.

Armor Games Promotional image for Zombotron video game Zombotron

At the time of writing, Zombotron had 88 per cent positive reviews on Steam, which says a lot for a game that comes from browser-based roots and is developed by one man. 

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