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Apex Legends leaks show Blisk model from Titanfall 2

Published: 14:17, 26 October 2020
Apex Legends screenshot showing blisk legend
Apex Legends - Blisk

Apex Legends leak recently revealed a lot of new content that may or may not make it into the game during or after Season 7 which appears to be named Elevated.

Season 7 of Apex Legends will kick off on November 4, 2020, when the game also arrives on Steam but fans don't know all the content that will come along with it, yet.

This is where the leaks come in. Biast12, a know data miner and leaker of all things Apex Legends, recently released a series of images of content that may make it into the game. He also noted that the tweets would be deleted soon so the images would be gone, lest someone re-uploaded them. Well, this is the internet and the reupload already happened .

The first image in the gallery is a weapon and Tobias noted it's called "3030". This appears to be a level action rifle and it's currently unknown if it's an entirely new weapon or a cosmetic for one of the existing rifles. Peacekeeper would be the best fit.

Blisk has already been known to have a presence in Apex Legends but he usually takes a back seat. However, the cinematic with Rampart saw him inviting her to Apex Games although he has aged considerably since we saw him during Titanfall 2.

This makes us have even more questions about what the leaker relayed since the model you can see in the gallery is clearly resembling Blisk from Titanfall 2.

Even more curious is the appearance of Ash which makes us think these two might end up being featured in a limited-time mode that is not necessarily canon or might just be cosmetics in the future. Alternatively, Biast12's words of caution may come to fruition and neither of them will be added.

There are also several other potential Legends among the images - Fuse, Gunzerker, Horizon, Paraiah and Valk. Some are more complete than others so it's not guaranteed we will see all of these characters either.

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