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And so, just like that, No Man's Sky is off the hook again

Published: 10:07, 26 July 2018
Hello Games
Spaceship approaching a large docking station in No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Seriously, No Man's Sky is confidently heading for safety in every possible sense of the word. The game's Steam numbers are in as well, citing figures twice the size of what Hello Games had tackled on the earlier expansion, Atlas Rises.

Of course, I'm sure that Murray and Co aren't content with just stopping there, seeing as how the idea is for No Man's Sky to keep growing, upwards and onwards sort of stuff. However, Hello Games should be pleased to see many players returning to what's no longer a solitude simulator. 

Unlike that faithful day some two years ago, when two poor sods with too much free time on their hands tried in vain to locate each other, No Man's Sky has since taken the Next step in its evolution and brought multiplayer. While it would be foolish to attribute all the numbers to the expansion, it's fair to assume that multiplayer will be crucial in keeping the No Man's Sky playerbase growing steadily. 

Steam reports No Man's Sky to have had hit 53,996 peak players recently, which is fast approaching the number of three times higher than what Atlas Rises managed when it launched back in 2017. At the time, 20,000 players was a huge deal for the developer, not least for confirming they were on the right path. 

At the time of writing, the game is being played by 32,437 players and it sits proudly among the top 10 Knights of GabeN's also-round Table. For a team of Hello Games' size, which is far from big, achieving these results again is huge, again. However, this is a new and improved Hello Games, and they now know well what sort of business they're getting into.

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I can't say I'm personally not glad, both for Hello Games and No Man's Sky as a game. Criticism of Murray at the time often went full bloodthirsty within the first few comments on just about any platform and those gods you do not wish to anger.

I do wonder though, if we all went by those standards, we'd all be gathering pitchforks and torches to assault castle by now.

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