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Can AMD Threadripper 3990X run Crysis? Yes, without a GPU

Published: 09:06, 11 February 2020
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X specification
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X

AMD are now competing with themselves in the workstation CPU market as they already crushed intel with Threadripper 3970X. That wasn't enough apparently so they released a monstrosity with 64 cores and 128 threads that can run Crysis without a GPU.

Threadripper 3970X already beat Intel's Xeon W-3275 in the workstation space, both with performance and price. That left AMD pretty much without competition in workstation market but they still decided to push their tech further. Threadripper 3990X improved upon 3970X but also doubled in price, which is still lower than Xeon's.

In Linus Tech Tips' video, embedded below, you can see the opening as 3990X just obliterates competition in Cinebench 20 but in Dragon Ball terms, that wasn't even the CPU's final form. They noted that "the best bang for the buck" is when there is one to two GB of RAM per thread and that the regular benchmark like Cinebench was too short to give viewers a clear idea of how much time would be saved on a large scale project with this $4,000 CPU.

Linus didn't stop there and decided to return to one of the most overpowered games of its time with modern overpowered hardware. Crysis was the hardware destroyer from 2007 onward and 3990X managed to just humiliate it.

The memes about "can it run Crysis" can be put to rest now as you can go to the 9:15 time stamp in the video and see the CPU running the game, no GPU included. Don't expect a 4K60 performance though, it is still running only in software but it's a Herculean feat nevertheless.

Still, every coin has two sides and it's no different with this CPU. AMD skimped on total memory capacity support with unbuffered DIMM, resulting in only 256 GB RAM practical maximum memory, despite advertising support for up to 2TB.

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