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Amazon show off New World gameplay and PvP

Published: 08:43, 04 May 2020
Amazon Games Studio
New World is facing a problem that stems from its foundations

As we draw closer to the launch of Amazon's highly-anticipated MMO New World, the developer decided to show off some gameplay and intense PvP the game is supposed to bring.

Much like in real life, Amazon's New World is almost synonymous with warfare, and the land is divided into territories that can be governed by other players' companies. 

Territories can go to war or even challenge others at their forts, with the dev team likening it to a hostile takeover of sorts. Of course, such undertakings will require plenty of manpower to execute, which is where others will hopefully come in.

In New World, every company's control of a territory sets a Seed Window, which Amazon describe as the pinnacle moment of the game's PvP. 

Seed Window basically kicks off a one-hour long window of intense PvP battle, starting with breaching the fort's gate. New World players will have to decide whether and how to use seed weapons to take down enemy defenses, as well as battle it out head to head to win the flag and the day. 

Players will also Invasions to worry about, as the relentless hordes of the corrupted intensify and eventually attack your gates en masse. 

Just like in the PvP portion, the enemy can breach your gates and fight for the flag, so it won't hurt to at least be prepared. 

According to the developer, Invasions will be pretty frequent in New World, although he didn't say whether they depend on player levels, time played or something else. 

New World is still on track for launch on 25 August 2020, so expect to hear more on Amazon's MMO in the upcoming period. 

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