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Amazon is giving permabans to New World players for scouting servers

Published: 06:23, 11 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
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How many issues server issues will New World have, you may ask. It would appear that no one knows the answer to that question, but we all know that the players are the ones to take the fall.

The first issue, of course, started with the game's launch. All of the servers were overflowing, with the game peaking at 707 thousand players on launch day. Developers immediately started adding new servers to the game, to alleviate the problem of impossibly long queue times, but that in itself was a problem.

The fact that they were adding servers, instead of working on expanding the maximum population numbers of each server, in turn, led to the situation where we are at today.

Due to the decline of player numbers, as any MMO experiences sometime after launch, and with the character transfers added to the mix, a lot of servers are now barren of players or are in such a decline that the endgame is all but impossible. The solution? Servers merging, which brings its own issues as well, such as guild or faction dominance of said servers.

However, for players that wish to see if some other servers are worth investing their time into playing on, it is now impossible. You are no longer able to make a character to scout the situation of a server, and see if you can have a healthy gameplay experience there. Technically you can, but your account will be flagged as a bot and will be permabanned, with Amazon customer support marking said bans as merited.

Amazon Games New World - All out war Some servers have a hard time even organizing a decent siege nowadays

So, what is a lone player to do, if they want to switch to a new server? Maybe visit one of the sites that monitor server status? It was a possibility for a few days until those sites were discontinued. So, get some friends or join a guild, and go play with them, that seems to be the safest bet.

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