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Amazon is finally handing out permabans to New World dupers

Published: 04:11, 16 November 2021
Amazon game Studios
New World - House
Buying property in New World is getting too close the the real world

If you've ever played an MMO, you would know that half of the game is in the path of gaining strength, abilities, and gear. So what can one say to those that circumvent this via cheating? Nothing except, enjoy your permabans!

Bad actors discovered through packet manipulation, a bug that allowed players to duplicate in-game coins and resources – a similar attack against a different game system was also recently used in housing. Together for these exploits, Amazon have permanently banned over 1200 players, removing their items from the economy, and canceling their trade post listings. They took decisive action against obvious bad actors with the first pass on November 2nd, permanently banning accounts of the most egregious offenders, eliminating over 80% of duped Coin and item value from the economy.

The remaining duped items have continued to hurt many players’ experiences. It didn’t affect all players or worlds equally, and also more significantly impacted players who were pursuing end-game goals and gear.

It has taken Amazon time to unravel and identify where the items and coins landed, but as of November 15th, they have permanently banned 460 additional players from either the original trade or newer housing exploits. By doing so they were able to remove 98% of the remaining duped items and Coins in the game. The small amount of duped items that remain were a result of players who stumbled upon the duping issue but did not take exploitive action and will not be banned.

Amazon New World - Hemp Cheaters, put in some actual work, go gather hemp or something

With all the speculation going around about whether these players are actually getting banned or not, it is good to hear some official confirmation finally. The numbers presented seem low, but in actuality should be about right, seeing as the dupers are all at the end-game, currently, due to cheating, and the end-game player pool is quite small.

The only thing that remains is taking care of the problem at the root, and eliminating the possibility of such an exploit in the first place.

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