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Amazon are Starting a New Round of Lost Ark Bot Bans

Published: 02:00, 16 June 2022
Lost Ark - Albion and Argos
Lost Ark - Albion and Argos

Bots have been the plague of Lost Ark since the game was released on the western servers, and the main response to that has been banning them one by one, by Amazon. And now they are announcing another round of bans.

This is not the first time that Amazon have taken it upon themselves, seeing that the situation is getting out of hand, to ban bots in Lost Ark.

Up until now, by their own admission, they have banned hundreds of thousands of bots in the game, and yet more and more are joining every day. ON the forums they have announced the following:

" As we continue our battle against bots in Lost Ark, we want to let players know that will be rolling out a wider, massive wave of fresh bot bans over the course of the next week. While we are always banning bots from the game, with this large-scale ban wave you should expect to see more significant fluctuations in the number of concurrent users playing Lost Ark, and queues should decrease over time."

Steam Lost Ark - Player Count Lost Ark - Player Count


They go on to say that there is a chance that some innocent players may have their accounts caught up in the mix and banned, and promise that customer support will be paying extra attention to such cases, to have them resolved as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, the before-mentioned methods of fighting against this issue are still in the works. We are unsure if Amazon just have nothing concrete to point out, or are keeping things under wraps intentionally so as to not give out too much info. seeing their track record, though, it's likely the former.

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