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AGS possibly leaks greatswords in New World via event announcement

Published: 18:44, 17 December 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

New World has a lot of problems but that doesn't appear to prevent the devs from introducing new content to the game and the greatswords might arrive before Christmas 2021.

New World has a rather interesting combat system and when it works, it's one of the things carrying the game through its troubled release. As such, news about expanding the arsenal is usually a thing of hype so when Amazon announced the crossover with The Wheel of Time , there was one interesting detail to be picked up.

One of the rewards for watching Twitch streams with drops enabled is the Shadowspawn Blade skin, described as a "brutal heavy sword capable of great violence as used by the Trollocs, the soldiers of the Dark One's army". Technically, no one called it a skin for greatswords but it would be unusual the same event would award two skins for the longsword, the other one being Tam's Blade.

Furthermore, greatswords have been datamined in November 2021, when it looked like the weapon would be introduced after the Void Gauntlet. Since this one was already released in the infamous Into the Void update, we are currently waiting for the new two-handed melee weapon and the Wheel of Time crossover seems to be awarding a skin for it.

PR In-game rewards that you can earn via Twitch drops In-game rewards that you can earn via Twitch drops

The crossover event starts on December 24, 2021, meaning that greatswords are likely to arrive before that date or at least on the same day. Whatever the case, it's all but confirmed that we can look forward to a new weapon and probably a ton of new bugs in the near future.

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