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Awesome Games Done Quick stats and highlights

Published: 22:06, 15 January 2018
Awesome Games Done Quick
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Awesome Games Done Quick

With Awesome Games Done Quick winter half behind us, it is a time to revisit the best and fastest speedruns, the statistics behind the event and some of the craziest feats in gaming history.

Games Done Quick is a charity event that was started almost a decade ago and has enjoyed growth almost every single year. AGDQ 2018 proved to be another record breaking event, making £1.638.713,91 which is roughly a 2% growth over 2017's £1.609.811,58. It may be noteworthy that the complete number includes money from Twitch subscriptions that sparked some at the start of the event. For a quick reference on the growth of the event over the past five years here is a quick glance at the numbers: 

  • AGDQ 2014 - £ 747.163,11 
  • AGDQ 2015 - £ 1.141.448,04 (+53% growth)
  • AGDQ 2016 - £ 880.887,48 (-23% decrease)
  • AGDQ 2017 - £ 1.609.811,58 (+83% growth)
  • AGDQ 2018 - £ 1638713,91 (+2% growth)

All of this wouldn't be possible without the entertainment value of various speed runners and strongmen that performed some extreme feats in the gaming world. One such occurrence was zallard1 playing Mike Tyson's Punchout and Super Punchout on the same controller, at the same time.

If that made you feel bad about considering Mike Tyson's Punch Out a hard game back in the day, you might want to skip the video of TheMexicanRunner ripping through Battletoads. So what is so special about it? Speed runners have been doing this for a while now. Well, this guy ran Turbo Tunnel level - blindfolded.

Just for good measure, we have to mention HeyZeusHeresToast's Bloodborne speed run that was just over an hour and a half long, right on cue to obliterate my gaming self-esteem.

Entertainment value like this is not easy to come by and fans are already itching for another round of AGDQ. If you missed it, GamesDoneQuick announced the summer part of the event will be held in Bloomington, Minnesota - running from 24 June through 1 July 2018.

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