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AGDQ 2020 wraps up with almost $3.2 million in tow

Published: 23:20, 13 January 2020
Awesome Games Done Quick
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Awesome Games Done Quick

Awesome Games Done Quick has concluded and the winter part of the speedrunning extravaganza raised $3.16 million over the course of seven days which is a smashing success that just tore through the record set just one year prior.

Charity speedrunning events Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) and Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) are on a positive trend of growing the total donations year in, year out. In that spirit, the events broke their respective records back in 2019 as AGDQ raked in $2.4 million while SGDQ of the same year breezed past that by breaching the $3 million barrier for the first time.

AGDQ 2020 broke that record as well by pulling in $3.16 million in donations. Compared to AGDQ 2019, it is an increase of over $700.000 year on year. While the majority of the donations kicked in during the streaming period, some happened even after the stream ended as the event kept pushing the ceiling.

One interesting notion is that Untitled Goose Game was among the debutantes for any GDQ event. While the goal of the game is to be an asshole to everyone in an idyllic village, the speedrun served a good purpose as the proceeds went to Prevent Cancer Foundations which is continously working on saving lives by either finding ways to prevent or treat the terrible disease.

Besides that, the standout performance has to be the insane run of the two players that took on Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!. These two maniacs, zallard1 and sinister1, played through the game by sharing a controller while being blindfolded. You can watch the incredible run on the video below.

GDQ events are some of the biggest charity fundraisers in the gaming industry and it is heartwarming to see it on an upward trend. Who knew gamers weren't just ?

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