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A new Splinter Cell game is reportedly in development, it's claimed

Published: 17:29, 19 October 2021
Sam Fisher is looking at the camera with his signature night vision goggles on his forehead
Splinter Cell - Sam Fisher

According to reports, Ubisoft have finally greenlit a brand new Splinter Cell game, which is now in early production and could be announced next year.

It looks like Ubisoft are finally ready to drop their copy/paste game design to work on something that players actually want, like a new Splinter Cell game among other things. According to reliable industry insider Tom Henderson, after more than a decade, Ubisoft have finally greenlit a brand new Splinter Cell project.

The game is currently in early production and interestingly, it seems that Ubisoft Montreal are not helming the project. The report states that people with knowledge of Ubisoft's plans suggested the new Splinter Cell is developed by a different studio. 

Ubisoft Close-up photo of Sam Fisher with his signature night vision goggles. Splinter Cell - Sam Fisher

As for the official announcement, don't expect it anytime soon since the game is still in early production like already mentioned. There's a very small chance that it gets revealed next year but 2023 seems like a safe bet for now.

In case you are not familiar with the franchise, Splinter Cell is one of the biggest stealth games ever and was widely considered to be one of the strongest Ubisoft franchises. Sadly, the publisher decided to stray away from smaller, linear experiences in favour of huge open-world games which meant the end of the road for Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell franchise. 

The last released Splinter Cell game is Blacklist from 2013. 

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