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New Splinter Cell game will be open-world; described as "a more stealthy Assassin's Creed"

Published: 12:32, 08 December 2021
Splinter Cell screenshot showing sam fisher with night googles
Splinter Cell

Apparently, Splinter Cell's open-world will be similar to Halo Infinite's open-world, which features vast open landscapes but also discrete, mostly linear areas. 

Recently we found out that Ubisoft have a brand new Splinter Cell game in early development.   The details about the project are pretty scarce at the moment but we know that Ubisoft Montreal are reportedly not helming the project and that the game could borrow gameplay elements from IO Interactive's Hitman series.

Ubisoft Sam Fisher is looking at the camera with his signature night vision goggles on his forehead Is Sam Fisher finally returning?

  A new rumour suggests Splinter Cell is open-world

Today, we have some fresh rumours about the game. According to reliable industry insider Tom Henderson, who reported on the new Splinter Cell game story in the first place, Splinter Cell will be an open-world game of some sort. 

Henderson claims that his sources described the game as a stealthy version of Assassin's Creed with a Halo Infinite-like open world.

In case you are not familiar with how Halo Infinite's open-world works, it's basically one large open world but with closed, linear missions. 

Batman: Arkham Knight's open-world also comes to mind - you have these activities that you can do in the open world but the actual missions take place inside a more linear space. Dungeons, basically!

Of course, such game design would be a massive change from the original Splinter Cell games which focused more on the story elements and linear levels than open-world, but isn't that the case with basically every Ubisoft game? 

While Ubisoft have been releasing some disappointing games over the last couple of years, we are still hopeful that the next Splinter Cell could turn out to be a solid reboot. 

Though, we are still far away from the release date, which probably won't be coming before 2023. The game has not even been announced yet. 

Also, we suggest that you take everything you've just read with a grain of salt since these are just leaks and rumours and not official info from Ubisoft.

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