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Sam Fisher's Italian voice actor teases a new Splinter Cell game for 2021

Published: 11:20, 20 July 2020
Close-up photo of Sam Fisher with his signature night vision goggles.
Splinter Cell - Sam Fisher

According to Luca Ward, who is the Italian voice of Sam Fisher, a new Splinter Cell game could be coming in 2021. Ward claims that Splinter Cell is set to return for a "final episode".

Splinter Cell fans have been craving for more games for years now but it looks like Ubisoft are not that keen on reviving this popular franchise. Over the last year, we had some whispers and rumours about a potential comeback for Sam Fisher but Ubisoft never really officially confirmed these reports.

Today, we have another hint that a new Splinter Cell game could be in the works. An Italian voice actor of Sam Fisher, Luca Ward has revealed some interesting details in his latest interview for Italian magazine

Here is the interesting part, roughly translated by Google:

"There is this return of Splinter Cell that should take place I think for a final episode, but I'm not sure about that, however, they have not yet figured out whether to do it in 2021. First, it had to be 2020, then what happened happened and in 2020 several big projects got stuck. But I'm sure Splinter Cell will come back, that's a fact."

Judging by his words, it seems that Ubisoft did not really know how to bring the franchise back and the game also got delayed due to coronavirus pandemic. When asked about his previous teases, which happened back in March 2019, Ward said that he received the info too early, possibly when the game was only in the early phase of development.

Furthermore, Ward teased a new Splinter Cell game again on  a Facebook post , commenting a symbol that resembles Fisher's iconic night vision goggles. 

Ubisoft Sam Fisher is looking at the camera with his signature night vision goggles on his forehead Splinter Cell - Sam Fisher

All in all, Ward does seem pretty confident that Sam Fisher is set to return but it may take a while before we get an announcement or confirmation from Ubisoft. Though, it would not surprise us if the publisher have a plan to bring back the franchise since they have been creating Splinter Cell content for their other games such as Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

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