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A new multiplayer fantasy game, Project Gamm, to arrive soon

Published: 14:37, 19 May 2021
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Project GAMM is a new game from Cygames, whose creation is being led by Kenichiro Takaki alongside illustrator Mogmo, composer Shirou Sagisu, and designer Kiyoshi Arai.

Long-time fans of the well-known game developing style that hails from Japan, easily recognize the name, Kenichiro Takaki. For those that focus their attentions on the western markets,  Kenichiro Takaki is a Japanese creator that brought us games based on popular animes, incorporating their artwork and visual into giving us games that are a joy to both play and look at.

Takaki's childhood dream, as he stated when leaving Marvelous for Cygames, was to make fantasy-themed games, and his first such project is Project Awakening for the PlayStation.

As Project Awakening's date of release is still to be announced, his new game titled Project GAMM will hopefully be enough to tide us over.

According to the newest Weekly Famitsu publication, in their interviews with Cygames staff, they looked into what the company has achieved over the last decade, and what they intended to achieve going forward.

Project Gamm is one such game that Cygames have revealed to the public, made for consoles. What the source of the leak could infer from the screenshots, Project Gamm is primarily a multiplayer game, focused on player-vs-player mechanics.

Cygames Artwork in Cygames' title Granblue Artwork in Cygames' title Granblue

The game will feature well-known archetypes in the form of, what appear to be playable characters, such as a maid, a robot, and a knight. The setting of the game is fantasy with magitech elements with anime-style visuals.

Fans of  Sword Art Online and anime in general, as well as those who appreciate a more colorful setting, may find a home in this game, and live out their own adventures here, in an environment similar to what they have been watching and admiring for years. With such a stacked deck of professionals working on the game, it is sure to be a delightful, artistic one, regardless of its commercial success.

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