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€9 fruit PlayStation 4 has to be one of gaming stories of the decade

Published: 20:56, 23 December 2019
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One of the best video gaming stories happened right at the end of the decade, at the start of 2019. A teenager bought-but-not-really a PlayStation 4 for €9 and he would have gotten away with it had it not been for the culprit of all the great empires' falls - greed.

France usually reminds people of the Eifel Tower or the city of love where the tower is located. Sometimes people instantly think of a baguette at the mention of this country but gamers who like a good story think of Ubisoft. Right, as if that is going to happen.

Still, it was in France that one of the best video game-related stories of the decade happened. Back in September 2018, a teen named Adel went to a local supermarket in Montbéliard to pick up a PlayStation 4. He had a brilliant, but illegal, idea to weigh the console on a fruit scale and pay a heavily discounted price.

The funny part is that the scheme actually worked. He slapped the €9 price tag on the console and checked out at a self-serve station. Fruity PlayStation 4 scam worked like a charm and Adel got away scot-free, after which he sold the ill-gotten console for €100. 

Neither supermarket security nor the police apparently had anything on him and the young criminal would have gotten away had he not become greedy. He tried to pull the same trick the very next day in the same supermarket which is when he got pinched.

Eventually, he was sentenced to four months in prison after failing to appear at a court hearing. Still, one has to wonder whether the teen would have even been caught if the greed and absolute carelessness didn't get the better of him.

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While the scammy exploits happened in 2018, it was January 2019 when the . It is an interesting take on not-so-cyber crime that could have gone unpunished and most likely one of the iconic video games related stories of 2010s.

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