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505 Games expose themselves after accidentally giving Control owners Ultimate Edition

Published: 21:47, 10 September 2020
505 Games
Control Ultimate Edition
Control Ultimate Edition

Publishers of Control, 505 Games, claimed that it was impossible to upgrade non-Ultimate Editions of the game to next-gen but then exposed themselves after accidentally upgrading other editions.

 Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games came under fire when they initially announced that upgrading to next-gen would require Ultimate Edition since the work was only done for that version of the game. 

As such, anyone who owned Standard or Deluxe editions was suckered out of a next-gen upgrade, even if they had the season pass which would put their version on par with Ultimate Edition. In the words taken from the FAQ regarding the matter, "The upgrade path that [505 & Remedy] are offering is only possible when upgrading from the same version of the game". 

Time passed and owners of Deluxe and standard started slowly accepting that they will not get their upgrade but then the owners of Deluxe and Standard editions on PlayStation 4 started reporting that PSN store identified their versions as Ultimate Editions on September 10, 2020.

The initial report was quickly corroborated by several other owners of the game as mass confusion ensued. However, whatever hope the players had about getting the upgrade was quickly shut down. 

One ResetEra member reported they previously downloaded the Ultimate Edition but now the store replaced the Download button with the Add to Basket one. 

Another case happened to be even more egregious as another user even launched the game after downloading it and now their access is revoked.

505 Games picture showing man flying Control

In clearer terms - this hiccup on the launch day of Control Ultimate Edition proved that there is a way to identify users with season pass on top of Standard or Deluxe Edition and subsequently upgrade them to Ultimate at no extra cost. 

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