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343 Industries reveal more details about Halo Infinite's sandbox elements and weapons

Published: 08:38, 29 January 2021
343 Industries
a screenshot of halo infinite concept art
Halo Infinite concept art

In the latest Inside Infinite update, the developer 343 Industries have shared a ton of details about Halo Infinite features such as weapons, sandbox and other gameplay elements.

343 Industries promised a lot more Halo Infinite updates as we get close to the launch of the game and today, we have another Inside Infinite blog post, which brings some fresh new details about Xbox's upcoming exclusive.

This time, 343 Industries are highlighting their sandbox team, who are responsible for creating weapons, vehicles, player mechanics and systems that are intuitive and reward player mastery. Speaking about the combat, the devs mentioned some of the key ingredients they "keep top of mind are the right balance of kill time, movement, using a diverse sandbox, energy shield based health model".

The team also mentions one of their first goals when they were creating this sandbox environment. "When we began development on Halo Infinite, one of our major goals was to remove redundancy in the sandbox. Weapons were the first area we wanted to have strong roles that players gravitate to because of a certain playstyle. So, we started from a blank canvas and called out all of the high-level roles and playstyles that we wanted players to experience," Quinn DelHoyo, Lead Sandbox Designer on Halo Infinite said.

343 Industries Halo Infinite -screenshot showing Weapon model Halo Infinite - Weapon models look slick

The latest blog post is a lengthy one and if you want to read it in full, check out the official blog.  The post features info about vehicles, weapons, damage types and other features as well as brand new screenshots of Halo Infinite's weapons, which look pretty rad.

343 Industries will share another update on the last Thursday in February 2021. 

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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Halo Infinite

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