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343 Industries head of design hints at Halo Infinite progression improvements

Published: 05:07, 29 November 2021
Santa Ricky/Twitter
Halo Infinite Tactical Ops pass rewards
Halo Infinite Tactical Ops pass rewards

Halo Infinite players might be looking at better progression systems in the near future as 343 Industries seem to have taken notice of their woes.

Halo Infinite  multiplayer ended up being a fun distraction from real-life but those looking for an escape quickly figured out it wasn't meant to be, with the way the monetisation was implemented. Basically, it looked to fleece players through various underhanded tactics such as advertising freebies that end up being paid content, forcing grind on players and then slamming them with time gates and more.

All of this contributed to soiling what could otherwise be a fantastic experience for the fans of first-person shooters. After hotfixing the battle pass with the 50 XP per game addition, 343 might look to improve the progression further.

This is coming from Jerry Hook, 343's head of design, who spent the vacation enjoying strategy and management games. However, he didn't forget about the newly-released Halo Infinite MP and announced that the team is resuming work next week, following the short holiday break.

Hook stated he's "feeling everyone's pain on progression" and that fixing this will be at the top of his list of things to work on with the team. There are currently no details on what improvements we might see but even knowing something is going to be done will probably be great news for the fans.

Let's just hope there is more in the long run than minor changes. After all, who would ever want to grind 15 kills with the Commando?

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