Indie Spotlight: Golfie - A Roguelike deckbuilding mini-golf game

Published: 10:43, 01 March 2022
Honest PR
Golfie screenshot showing mini golf course

Golfie is a unique twist on the mini-golf game with deckbuilding and roguelike systems that deliver dozens of hours of fun. 

Golfie is an indie mini-golf title with an interesting twist - deck building. In the game's single-player mode, the goal is to beat all 18 procedurally-generated mini golf courses across three biomes. To beat all these challenging maps, you have special cards at your disposal, and that's where the fun starts.  

Without cards, Golfie would be just another mini-golf game with a set of obstacles to prevent you from reaching the ultimate goal - putting the ball into the cup. The cards are what makes Golfie special, different and most importantly, fun!

AltChar Golfie - Jetpack card is my personal favourite Golfie - Jetpack card is my personal favourite

Cards come in various types - some, like Jetpack, which is my personal favourite, help you fly over major obstacles but can also be quite helpful when fighting the uphill battle. Jetpack also looks cool attached to the back of your golf ball (not sure if golf balls have backs but you get the point).

Basic cards include Power Shot, Curve and Lob which are self-explanatory. The more powerful ones though, give your golf ball the ability to pass through smaller gaps, stick itself to the first thing it touches, travel through portals or slow down the jump with Emergency Parachute.

While the number of cards is not enormous, the deck that was available in my preview build was more than enough for hours of fun. Each card is truly unique and can change gameplay in its own way. I'm also glad that Triheart Studio decided to have a smaller deck of meaningful cards instead of wasting time designing a bunch of cards that would be more or less similar to each other. I'm for quality over quantity all day long!

AltChar This course brought back the memory of pain and suffering in Sen's Fortress. This course brought back the memory of pain and suffering in Sen's Fortress.

On top of the cards, the game also offers various perks that can lower the heat generated by the usage of cards (yes, using cards in Golfie can generate heat which can ultimately make your life on the golf course tougher). 

Additionally, you'll find crystals on certain maps which will give you an extra card or other neat little perks. Crystals are usually put outside of the main path so you'll have to spend some extra turns to reach them, which can be a bit risky if the course is packed with tough obstacles. 

AltChar Cool heatsink but I'm gonna need some paste too Cool heatsink but I'm gonna need some paste too

As for Golfie's level design, I found it to be quite interesting even though at first, it can feel a bit too simple. But as I progressed through the maps and as the game started throwing much tougher traps and obstacles in my way, I found it quite challenging but still fair. 

All in all, I had a lot of fun with Golfie and sometimes even found myself playing this tiny gem instead of some other, blockbuster titles which released recently.

Golfie is developed by a Danish studio called Triheart - a team formed by Jacob and Sandra, a husband and wife who dream of running an indie game studio together in Copenhagen. If Golfie is a true representation of their skill and creativity, well, the future looks bright for the duo. 

Golfie launches into Steam Early Access this Spring with fully playable single and multiplayer campaigns. We suggest you check this one out, you won't be disappointed, especially if roguelike design and deck builders are your cups of tea. 

A massive thank you to Honest PR for providing us with a Golfie code.

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