Team Sonic Racing graphics comparison: PC vs Nintendo Switch

Published: 13:48, 29 May 2019
Promotional screenshot from Team Sonic Racing
Team Sonic Racing

In this graphics comparison video, we take a look at the newest kart racing game by Sega: Team Sonic Racing. We've played the game on PC and Nintendo Switch, and we've compared the visuals of the two versions in a side by side comparison.

Whenever a new kart game gets released, one question needs to be answered: is it better than Mario Kart? Well, let's be short and sweet about it - Team Sonic Racing is not better than Mario Kart.

The racing gameplay, although solid kart-arcade action, lacks the polished depth of Mario Kart. The sound effects and soundtrack surpass Mario Kart due to Sega’s perchance for great audio, but the aesthetical execution of the tracks and surrounding environments produces a blurring and lacking mess.

Furthermore, on the Nintendo Switch, it has not utilised the perspectives of scale when making a game for both portable and docked mode. The dominance and control over this visual design is something that few other games have been able to match outside of Nintendo themselves. This means that the karts look too small on the screen.

The team racing mechanic is absolutely brilliant. It adds an extra dimension to the kart genre by creating a co-operative mode. Working as a team is challenging and extremely satisfying.

We genuinely hope to see an e-sport develop around this for a few seasons. There is untapped meta game here that is going to be glorious to watch develop.

This game has great extra features at a B+ level, but they do not rise above to be exceptional to raise the bar of the genre.  The racing tracks feature callbacks and references to famous levels of Sonic, but don't elicit emotional or original thoughts.

Judged as an individual entity, Team Sonic Racing is a very good game, but when compared to the genre stalwart, it falls short. If this was a shooter in the 90s we would be comparing it to Doom. In the early 2010s, it would be Call of Duty.

SEGA Side by side comparison of Knuckles and his kart in Team Sonic Racing. Team Sonic Racing: side by side comparison of Knuckles.

To go a bit more in-depth with Team Sonic Racing and its visuals in particular, we've decided to compare the PC version of the game to that of Nintendo Switch. Check out the video embedded above to see all the differences between the two versions in motion, or you can simply click .