Bayonetta graphics comparison: Nintendo Wii U vs Nintendo Switch vs PC

Published: 13:12, 01 March 2018
Updated: 19:25, 01 March 2018
Game's protagonist holding a gun with a big moon in the background.

In our latest graphics comparison video, we take a look at the visual differences of Bayonetta when played on three different platforms: Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch and PC. Master race versus Nintendo. Who wins?

Bayonetta was recently released as a digital download for Nintendo Switch. For anyone thinking of picking up this game, we suggest that you do not play in portable mode. The hand cramp in your thumbs is just not worth it. This is a Pro Controller game all the way. 

We got our hands on three different versions of the game, so we are going to be pairing up the best of Nintendo hardware with the almighty ruler of the gaming universe that is PC. See how this battle of visuals goes down right .