Preview: Resident Evil 3 - Those gums will hunt you

Published: 20:15, 20 December 2019
Key art for Resident Evil 3.
So much hair. Not enough conditioner.

Resident Evil 3 has earned a T-Virus ton of good will, following the immensely successful re imagining of its predecessor earlier this year. Capcom are on a mighty hot streak right now, and this looks set to continue the trend.

The scale of Capcom's ambition is something to be applauded, but also speaks to their resolve toward nurturing their beloved IP. Resident Evil 6 wasn't exactly a lifetime ago, and there have been many missteps along the way. To see them now, wholeheartedly pumping what must be considerable resources into this modern remake of Nemesis, feels like the company itself has been soft rebooted. 

The approach here is much the same as with Resident Evil 2; do away with fixed camera angles and the "no they haven't aged well" tank controls, and replace them with free look mobility and shooting mechanics that actually make sense. 

Rumours that both titles were originally going to be part of the same package notwithstanding, there's a connective tissue to these games that is massively rewarding for die hard fans.

Character models have been updated to reflect the more action orientated nature of this title, and the third person combat in general. Jill is definitely sporting a more suitable look, whilst still evoking her original outfit. Carlos has probably seen the most radical overhaul, sporting some serious boy band esque curls while still looking suitably gruff.

Capcom Jill Valentine fighting zombies in Resident Evil 3. John Wick ain't got nothing on Jill.

The titular Nemesis himself has seen several animation and behaviour tweaks, primarily to make him more unpredictable than RE2's Tyrant. Although specifics haven't been disclosed, Capcom have acknowledged that they've tried to include a variety of methods for him to be able to hunt you down and eliminate you. As Deadpool would say, it might be best to wear your brown pants for this one.

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention Resident Evil: Resistance, the once thought to be standalone asymmetric multiplayer mode that is now bundled in with every copy of Resident Evil 3. Your role as an evil mastermind, attempting to befuddle a group of four other human players, is intriguing but hardly a revolutionary concept. 

Even though Left 4 Dead took this idea and ran with it many years ago, it remains something new for this franchise. Given the endless creatures and bad guys that make up Resident Evil canon, we have no doubt that this will provide many moments of barely controlled insanity.

All in all, Resident Evil 3 is following a very successful template laid out by RE2, and is poised to continue Capcom's winning take on this timeless classic. 

Capcom Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. You'd be mad too if someone replaced your teeth with tiny javelins...

Resident Evil 3 launches on 3rd April 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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