Upcoming PS4 games for the first ten days of July 2020

Published: 23:47, 30 June 2020
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Pedal to the metal

With June coming to a close, we are looking at a brand new month of games for the PS4. The first ten days of the month are bringing a total of seven new releases.

Starting off the list on July 3 is Marvel's Iron Man VR, as the pretty self-explanatory title states, a VR game based on the world-famous Marvel character Iron Man.

This might be the chance for you to live out your childhood dreams of being Iron Man with the least limitation possible.

The truth is, VR tech is still pretty crude, and will most likely remain so for a long time, but it offers a special kind of freedom that very few ways of experiencing a game can emulate.

With a control scheme specifically designed to make you feel like the playboy hero, the game puts extra effort into showing off the mechanics and the things that are possible, experimenting with making the gameplay as immersive as possible, which may result in the story suffering a little bit.

This game is not for everyone, that is a given by the VR in the title, but for those who own the equipment and enjoy VR games, it might be a good game that plays on the clearly defined limits of VR technology.

After a few days break, on July 7, Superliminal takes you on a trippy puzzle journey that will change your perspective.

Bad puns aside, this heavily perspective dependant adventure puzzler has you going through a dreamworld in which you are limited only by your creativity.

Well, your creativity and game mechanics, but the very intricate set of puzzles and challenges has you moving around to get that picture-perfect angle on the situation.

The forced perspective concept has the player manipulating objects and themselves in space, creating an intricate dance between the player and their environment.

The game has a really good story that complements the wonderful gameplay, creating a complete package that is very simple at its core but very complex in practice.

Pillow Castle Games Superliminal cover screenshot Things are not always as they seem

After a few more days of waiting, July 9 gives us CrossCode, the highly acclaimed and beloved 2D Action RPG.

Boasting 16-bit graphics reminiscent of the old SNES days, a smooth physics engine, interesting puzzle mechanics, awesome combat, and a well-written story, it is no wonder this game ended up being so popular.

The amount of love and care put into creating this title is clearly visible in all aspects of the game, resulting in a very high-quality game with an almost perfect execution.

It is certainly a wise investment to get CrossCode, a title with top marks in all areas and genuinely a worthwhile title to spend your hard-earned money on.

 July 10 starts off with some high octane “fun” in the form of NASCAR Heat 5, a NASCAR inspired racing game.

By the previous sentence, you can probably conclude that the game is less racing and more going around in a circle really fast. While some people find that to be the most interesting thing in the world, for many outside of the US, it is really not.

The few fun bits about the races, the game does a good job emulating, and is a genuinely solid game.

If you really want to go around in a circle really fast, bumping other cars, and creeping ahead by sheer luck, then this is the game for you.

 Now a game that does actual racing, F1 2020. As well as being a well-established franchise in the racing game world, it doubles as one of the best racing games out there on the market today.

Covering F1 as its races of choice, it has the added benefit of having the most action-packed, interesting racing to be done out of any racing game.

Despite the real-world F1 suffering from the Mercedes dominance, the game equivalent lets you create your own team and beat out all the goliaths or possible challengers.

The better of the two racing games, F1 2020 is certainly the more fun, mature, and interesting of the two titles. It will not waste your time and will give you exactly what you want, a fun racing game.

Deck13 CrossCode Banner Some real fun heading your way!

Taking the foot off the gas, we slowly reach The Great Perhaps, an action-adventure that has you playing as an astronaut returning to Earth, only to discover that Earth as he knows it, has been destroyed.

Finding a mysterious lamp that lets him see the past, he sets out to discover the reason why humanity has perished and to find a possible way of returning things to the way they were.

While the concept is interesting and the time puzzle mechanics work like a charm, the game is rather short with a good, but not great, story.

It can be classified as a good game, nothing outstanding by any means, but a good game none the less. Worth looking into if you are looking for a game with fun, time travel puzzles, and short enough that you could probably complete it in one sitting.

 Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris seems to be just another JRPG that milks of the success of the franchise.

Without hands-on experience, it is impossible to judge a game, but if we can judge from the previous SAO action RPG games, this will be another run of the mill, bare-bones RPG with little to keep you going if you are not a dedicated fan of the series.

Is it a fun game? Well, it is too early to tell. Will it slowly wither away like most of its predecessors? Most likely. The thing is, if you want to go on an adventure in the world of SAO, this might be a good game but if you are strictly looking for a fantastic RPG experience, chances are, you will not find it here. 

All it boils down to is how much do you like the series, and what exactly are you looking for in your RPG games.

Daedalic Entertainment The Great Perhaps cover Unanswered questions require answers

And last but not least on our list is Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2, the new title in what seems to have become a well-liked franchise. Like its predecessor, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, this game also brings back the classic Castlevania feeling, pulling it straight from the 90s.

It looks to be more of the same formula, but bigger and better this time around, which is very good news since the first one was so good.

With the dedicated team behind the game, and all the feedback they have gotten from the fans, no doubt this game will reach a new level in terms of quality.

A great addition to any old soul or retro gamer's collection, and a good game for the casuals who want to see what it was like to game way back in the good old days.

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