PUBG Season 10 ending - Season 11 to start with overall changes

Published: 08:58, 10 March 2021
PUBG Corporation
PUBG - End of Season 10
PUBG - End of Season 10

PUBG is saying goodbye to its Ranked Season 10 this month. The next season will kick off when the servers go back online after maintenance. Ranked rewards to be doled out as usual.

PUBG's season 10 is coming to a close and that means a bunch of rewards for the players who showed up and claimed the dinner for the past few months. 

The official end to season 10 will come on March 31 so there's still some time to climb the ranks. Rewards will be given out based on the players' final rank at the end of a season.

Players who've completed their placement matches are eligible for end-of-season rewards. Additional rewards will be sent to the players who managed to achieve Gold V and Diamond V tiers.

Season 10 Ranked Rewards

  • Reaching Gold V tier or higher will get you the first exclusive reward - the Season 10 Ranked Mirado skin. 
  • Players with Diamond V tier or higher will become proud owners of the Season 10 Ranked Parachute skin.
  • If you have placed in your region's top 500, you'll receive a special Top 500 emblem.

You can check out your final Season 10 rank by visiting the "STATS" screen in your "CAREER" tab once the next season has begun. Visiting the "LEADERBOARD" section of this screen also shows if you were among the top 500.

Season 10 Emblems

Emblems matching the players' end-of-season rank will be available as well. The Top 500 players in each region will also earn a special TOP 500 emblem.

The emblems will show up on your PUBG ID which will be now displayed to your enemies when you successfully take them out. They will also be visible with your PUBG ID in death cams and spectator screen.

PUBG Corporation PUBG - Mirado Vehicle skin and a special parachute skin PUBG - Mirado Vehicle skin and a special parachute skin

Season 10 Skins

  • Gold V Tier in any ranked game mode: an exclusive Vehicle Skin for the Mirado.
  • Diamond V Tier in any ranked game mode: both the Vehicle Skin and an exclusive Parachute Skin.

Upcoming Ranked Schedules: Season 11

Season 10 Ranked mode will end once servers go into maintenance mode on March 31 for PC or April 8 for Consoles. Season 11 Ranked mode will kick off right after the servers go live with the live server update.

Starting with Season 11, there will be a change to the overall Ranked Season timetable. More information about the schedule will be shared with the upcoming 11.1 Patch Notes.

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