List of elven notes locations in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

Published: 20:54, 05 October 2021
Owlcat Games
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Owlcat Games created an intricate web of puzzles and hidden secrets that ultimately reward the player with a complete story of a major character in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous features a deep and complex story that you can explore at length through various interactions in your adventures, like listening to an ancient elf that predates even some deities. However, to get his complete story, you will need to pick up a pile of elven notes and hand them over to the Storyteller. Here are their locations, across various chapters.

Saving the Storyteller

You will meet this enigmatic character in Blackwing Library for the first time. The sooner you get there, the better. Baphomet's numbskulls are ready to set fire to a pile of knowledge and people they don't like. Talk them out of it or kill them and then talk with the Storyteller who will eventually retreat to Defender's Heart. The next time you're at the tavern, talk to him and ask if you can help, which will start the quest off.

Masks for Nenio's companion quest

You will need these as well, in order to enter a location that contains elven notes. The four masks are located in Heart of Mystery and Ivory Sanctum in Act 3 and Ineluctable Prison and Pulura's Fall in Act 5.

Elven notes locations
  • Act 1
    • Gray Garrison - Available when assaulting the place, not the first time you crawl out of the caves. In the northernmost room from the hall with the statue of Iomedae.
  • Act 2
    • Conundrum Unsolved - In the room that opens up after solving the puzzle .
    • Inconspicuous Camp - A random encounter on the world map will invite you to the camp. Go there, speak with the eloquent kobold if you will and loot the notes from the bag next to him.
  • Act 3
    • Areelu's Laboratory - Depending on your Mythic Path, it can be easy to end up here sooner than you're ready. Anyway, you can find two pieces of elven notes here. If you're having issues with the annoying stun-spamming Nalfeshnee , make sure you buff up so you can actually hit it enough.
    • Temple of the Good Hunt - This location is extremely close to Drezen, just to the southwest. The notes are in the eastern room.
    • Molten Scar - Once you get access to this location through Crusade management, you will find a Vrock that's experimenting on mortals. You can use your persuasion skills to get the notes without needing to decipher them, which will be the case if you kill her.
    • Heart of Mystery - You can't complete the puzzle yet but you can loot the notes.
    • Forgotten Secrets - The puzzle needs to be solved and then you can loot the notes.
    • Core of the Riddle - Solve the puzzle , loot the notes.
    • Sacred Lands - Requires partially solving the bridge puzzle. Notes are in one of the two chests before meeting the lilitu.
    • Ivory Sanctum - Double room in the northwestern part of the map
    • Artisan's Tower - I prefer to do The Dragon Hunt as late into Act 3 as possible. After the first phase of the fight, chase Devarra immediately to the second floor of the tower, don't waste time looting - she will destroy the notes otherwise. Once you've dealt with the dragon, go back down and loot the notes.
  • Act 4
    • Nexus - Northern part of the cavern
    • Mage's tower. When you find the door that the Storyteller pops out of, you will know you're on the right floor. Loot the nearby rooms and you'll find the notes
  • Act 5
    • Legacy of the Ancients - Solve the puzzle and loot the notes
    • Final Veil - Another case of solving a puzzle and looting elven notes
    • Iz - The exact western edge of the map, next to a Vavakia
    • The Enigma - You need the aforementioned four masks to get here. Go all the way back to Nameless Ruins, place the four masks in their correct slots
      • "...I am infinite" - Circle Mask
      • "...I am loneliness" - Summit Mask
      • "...and a cause for Insomnia" - Question Mask
      • "...reveal my secrets to the brave" - Darkness Mask

      • Enter the newly opened portal, complete a lengthy chain of puzzles, shown in the video below
      • Elven notes are at the end of southwestern room maze

  • Act 6
    • Threshold - Encountered in an early part of the map, hard to miss. You will need to step back out to hand the page to the Storyteller

This makes up for 19 locations, which is more than enough to complete the quest. In other words, you don't have to go through with Nenio's quest to the end and you will still have enough notes to find out the full history of the ancient elf.

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