League of Legends One for All - best champions you can pick

Published: 16:27, 23 March 2020
League of Legends champions with skins
The game mode should hit the live servers on March 26

Everyone's second favourite game mod, One for All, will be back during this patch. We all have to remember that it's a fun-to-play game mode so don't lose your temper if you get perma-locked by Morgana bindings or ambushed by five Teemo players.

With the upcoming One for All game mode that's to be released sometime during the 10.6 patch, we've prepared a list of champions you should definitely try out, especially if you play in a group of five.

10. Wukong

The new version of Wukong has hit the rift in this patch and he's already had to be hot-fixed as he seemed to be pretty broken. The fact that there is a world where you could get five Wukongs with five clones to use their ultimate in a team fight is more than enough for the Monkey King to make this list. It's hard enough to distinguish one Wukong from his clones, now picture taking on five of them.

9. Fizz

Fizz currently holds one of the highest win rates in the mid lane, so it's no wonder he made our list. His ability to quickly go in and out in team fights with his Playful Trickster - Zhonya combo and his assassination potential on top is why he is an easy choice in our book.

The only reason we haven't placed him higher is a somewhat weak pre-level six laning phase where he can get exposed.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Fizz Fisherman skin splash art Fizz fishing for some picks

8. Brand

While there are many mages with an arguably more stacked kit than Brand, the fact that his passive enhances all other Brand players' abilities is borderline broken. We've all witnessed a team fight getting completely turned around with this mechanic caused by only one Brand, and we dare not imagine five.

7. Quiyana

Quiyana is yet to make her debut in this game mode and we can assure you that she will be an obnoxious one to deal with. Her overall mobility will make her five clones almost impossible to keep track of. Landing five consecutive Supreme Display of Talents will leave no counter-play options since you surely cannot QSS or Cleanse all of them.

6. Annie

Annie is considered to be one of the easiest if not the easiest champion to play, which comes in pretty handy since it's usually hard to find five people that can play the same champion on a high level. Her easy-to-use kit with its abnormal damage on top is the reason why she's so highly positioned on our list.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Annie splash art Did anyone order five Tibbers?

5. Yasuo

We all know the "our Yasuo vs their Yasuo" meme, but this game mode raises your chances of getting the Yasuo one-trick with his sick mechanics. Even if that isn't you, all you have to do is wait for a four of five-man knock up and press R. Also, his Wind Wall pretty much negates any impact a ranged mage or AD carry might have on a team fight.

4. Pyke

Pyke is a champion that thrives on skirmishes and team fights. He can easily pick up targets all over the map with his overall mobility and lockdown potential. Also, his ultimate and gold sharing enables him to hit those lethality item spikes sooner than any other AD assassin.

3. Lux

We've all got one-shotted by a two-item Lux in the mid-game. Five of them means that there really isn't a chance of survival once you get locked down by her Light Binding. Also, as soon as she hits max cooldown reduction, she can fire up her ultimate almost every 30 seconds. Her squishiness is largely compensated by the enormous range she has.

League of Legends champion Lux in Riot Games' cinematic Let's light it up

2. Malphite

Malphite made the list mostly because of his ultimate. It doesn't matter if you play full AP or full tank, you will always find a person you can one-shot with his combo. A well-executed ultimate after a Teleport flank or in a surprise bush is all it takes since the knock-up duration is so big that all the other Malphites can join in and take their piece of the prey.

1. Karthus

Karthus simply had to take the number one spot on this list because of his passive and ultimate. The fact that he deals damage even when taken out is a pretty broken thing you can have in this game mode. Also, his ultimate being able to hit enemies all over the map will make sure that no low HP champion makes it to the base.

If five Karthus players line up their ultimates properly, making sure they don't get denied by a single Zhonya, the team fight is won before it's even started.

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