League of Legends Mythic item quick guide

Published: 05:00, 11 November 2020
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League of Legends- Mythic items
League of Legends- Mythic items

New additions in League of Legends can be confusing, especially when Riot adds a bunch of them in the item shop at the same time. This quick guide should give you context which Mythic to choose in each situation.

There will be several groups of Mythics so we will just put bulletins next to each of them so you can browse more easily and navigate to the role you wish to play.

  • AD Carry / Marksman Mythics:
    • Galeforce - Buy this item on immobile champions like Jinx, Ashe or Jhin so you actually have a dash. It is especially potent on Jhin because of stacking movement speed
    • Kraken Slayer - Buy this one against tank-heavy comps that have no assassins. This item excels on carries with quick auto-attack speed and some inherent mobility such as Tristana, Caitlyn and Vayne. Yes, Vayne. Can't really go into overkill with true damage
    • Immortal Shieldbow - Buy against assassins or comps with bruisers that can bypass your frontline, like Vi
  • Tanks and tanky supports:
    • Sunfire Aegis - Buy this for split pushing and beefy but sticky champions. Mundo, Sejuani and Shen fit this profile well
    • Frostfire Gauntlet - Great for tanky champions that need more CC to be sticky or who spam skills or auto-attack resets, like Shyvana
    • Turbo Chemtank - If you want to be the one that engages fights, buy this item. Works great on anyone with a hook, Rammus, Leona and other initiators
  • Assassins:
    • Duskblade of Draktharr - Works well on all AD assassins but excels on the ones that don't have a way of escaping after killing an enemy. Should be best on Talon or even on wonky builds like lethality Jarvan
    • Eclipse - Build this item if you are playing against tanks. It also works on lethality users who aren't typical assassins, like Riven or Jarvan
    • Prowlers Claw - Great against teams that stack squishies. You will have a ton of lethality with this item, enough to deal almost true damage to the enemies
    • Night Harvester - Go-to item for AP assassins. Buy this on Diana and make their ADC play grey screen simulator
  • AP Mythics:
    • Liandry's Anguish - Great for poke compositions against beefy enemies, especially because it stacks ability haste for more spam. Brand will be happy with this Mythic
    • Luden's Tempest - Works as both burst and poke item, as long as you're targeting squishies. Stacks magic penetration so it might end up working well on literally every AP champion
    • Everfrost - If you need help landing skill shots, this is it. Spray enemies with a slow and then land that Veigar cage on them. Stacks AP so it works well with every champion that builds Rabadon's Deathcap
    • Hextech Rocketbelt - Great for immobile AP champions like Vel'Koz or Brand but also for the ones that rush headfirst like Mordekaiser or Blitz
    • Riftmaker - Buy this on mages that can maintain their combat state for prolonged periods of time. These include Karthus, Vladimir and even Aurelion Sol. Works great against tanks

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  • Bruisers and Juggernauts
    • Trinity Force - Great for champions that have auto-attack resets and need to be sticky, like Shyvana, Garen and Darius
    • Goredrinker - Best used on champions that excel at surviving low-health situations, like Olaf
    • Stridebreaker - If the enemy has illusive damage dealers, this item counters them. It especially helps bruisers with no inherent CC, like Garen, Shyvana or even Fiora, for easier vital procs
    • Divine Sunderer - Buy this if you're a bruiser going up against tanks. Shyvana can melt tanks with this thing
  • Support items
    • Shurelya's Battlesong - Best used on enchanters like Janna or Nami. It allows to engage or disengage whenever you feel like it
    • Locket of the Iron Solari - It has regained passive AoE armour and MR increase. Works on just about every support, excels on the ones that hook, except for maybe Pyke
    • Moonstone Renewer - Provides sustain for enchanters. If you spam shields, speed-ups or heals on allies, this is for you. Best used with Soraka, Lulu, Janna and Nami
    • Imperial Mandate - Best used on champions that engage, great for a kill lane. Leona, Thresh, Nautilus and Pyke can all greatly benefit from this but it's really the aggressive ADC that you need for this item to work well. Lucian and Draven are good examples
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