League of Legends: details on Volibear ult interactions with turrets

Published: 19:06, 14 May 2020
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League of Legends - Volibear
Have you tried the new Volibear?

Volibear's ultimate is bound to ruffle feathers when the VGU comes around but knowing its hidden rules and interactions might give you an edge in upcoming matches.

League of Legends patch 10.11 is scheduled to go live on May 28, 2020. Volibear's VGU was on PBE at the time of writing so it is safe to assume this is the patch when he will transition to live servers.

As you probably already know, Volibear's ultimate shuts towers down temporarily and is probably the reason why you are reading this in the first place so let's get into it.

When Volibear uses Stormbringer (R), he jumps to a target location, gains additional HP and attack range, deals AoE damage that applies to champions and turrets and temporarily disables the latter. It's pretty straightforward from the description but here are a few things that it doesn't tell you.

Stormbringer doesn't disable turrets, it only pauses them

At first glance pausing and disabling a turret may seem like the same thing but there are some key differences. First up, pausing the turret means the stacking damage it deals on subsequent hits does not reset. It will hit like a truck once it resumes shooting, provided it's still shooting the same target.

On that topic, pausing the turret also has significant meaning on its targeting. The agro will not reset and once it starts shooting again, the turret will still target the same champion that it was hitting before Volibear ulted.

Volibear can pause inner turrets without destroying the outer ones

Deep diving is even riskier than the regular but Volibear soaks up much of that risk. Normally, a champion that is good at tanking turret shots, like Pantheon, would hold the aggro but with Stormbringer around, there is no need for any of that. 

Just ult near that T2 turret and kill the enemies with barely any risk. This works even if T1 turret is still standing. The only difference is that Stormbringer will not deal any damage to the invincible inner turret.

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Surprise turret pause

Stormbringer's jump component has quite a bit of range on it. This means that Volibear can literally jump out of the jungle and disable a turret someone might be hoping would protect them. His possibilities vary based on the side of the map so here are a few angles he can exploit:

  • Midlane
    • Volibear can disable midlane T1 from either side of the jungle easily if he's ganking the red team's midlaner
    • Ganking the blue team's midlaner under T1 from raptor camp is trickier but not impossible
    • T2 turrets can also be disabled from the jungle. Blue side from near the wolf camp is tricky
  • Toplane
    • Red team's T1 can easily be disabled from the jungle
    • Blue side's is tricky and Voli will probably be spotted before he jumps in
    • T2 is easily doable on both sides
  • Botlane
    • Red side T1 is harder to reach directly from the jungle but not impossible
    • Blue side T1 is easy to disable from the jungle but you are highly likely to be already spotted by the time you get in position

Turret pausing is an AoE effect

You can disable both Nexus turrets at the same time with a single ult. You don't even have to aim it will since jumping near one will almost always disable the other as well. These are the only two turrets you can disable together though.

Turrets are the only structures affected by Stormbringer

Voli's ult only damages and disables turrets, it has no effect on inhibs and the Nexus. In other words - no, you can't stop a wave from spawning and you can't use it to secure that 50g from the Nexus.

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