How to quickly win Vectre prize ride in GTA Online

Published: 19:02, 30 September 2021
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Emperor Vectre wins a race
GTA Online - Emperor Vectre wins a race

Rockstar Games updated GTA Online with the latest rotation of discounts, bonuses, LS Car Meet content and more, bringing along a Vectre that's rather easy to obtain.

Emperor Vectre is the GTA Online prize ride from September 30 to October 6, 2021. In order to win the car at no cost, you will need to place in top three for seven separate Pursuit races.

If you don't have Kosatka

While it's usually easiest to just win-trade with friends, the fact that Pursuit races require four players to start puts a wrench in this tactic's gears. Therefore, your best bet this week is to just host Pursuit races and start as soon as four people are in and race them fair and square. Considering you only need to beat one other racer, the challenge shouldn't prove too problematic anyway.

In order to make sure you will be the host of a Pursuit race you can:

  1. Open the game menu (Default is Esc on PC)
  2. Navigate to Online
  3. Select Options
  4. Change Matchmaking to "Closed"
  5. Go back to the left side of the menu
  6. Select Jobs
  7. Select Play Job
  8. Select Rockstar Created
  9. Select Races
  10. Navigate the list of races until you reach the ones with "Pursuit" in front of their name
  11. Select any of them
  12. Congrats, you're the host
  13. Wait for three people to join you
  14. Spam the Start race to make sure you go in as soon as possible and avoid additional racers popping in
  15. Beat one of the three racers, seven times in total

If you have Kosatka

Running a Cayo Perico heist might be better for you if you're not comfortable with your chances of winning those Pursuits. A heist can take you about an hour from start to finish and still be a better investment than hoping to get the prize ride through racing.

A single Pursuit race usually takes about three to four minutes.  If we take the median of 3:30 for each race, you will spend 24 minutes and 30 seconds just in the races, at the very least. Factoring in loading screens, waiting for other racers and the win screens that you can't skip, you are easily looking at about 45 minutes to one hour of work, at best. In case you don't place in top three in a few races, that time will go up. Therefore, it might just be best rob El Rubio again.

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