How to get better at Valorant quickly and improve your game sense

Published: 07:16, 04 January 2022
Valorant - Phoenix
Valorant - Phoenix

As a First Person Shooter, Valorant has surpassed many others with its popularity. Now, new players are searching to lay their own gaming foundations, and here is how to do it.

The most straightforward, simple, and best answer is to get rid of your weaknesses and improve upon your strengths. But, how does one do that, exactly?

You need to get good at playing back a scene and thinking about different options you could have chosen instead of the one you picked from various games.

Sometimes there really isn't much you can do other than just "land the shot and don't whiff. But in most scenarios, there are places or timings you could have picked that were way different than what you did. The most important thing is realizing what you could have changed and what you couldn't, immediately after an event and trying to crystalize that moment in my mind.

People that are either remembering an event or using VODS, needs to be actively empathizing with themselves on why they chose an option. If people just point out what the best option was, there really isn't reconciliation and you'll just do the same thing again. You must know why you did something at that point in time.

Riot Games Valorant - Skye Valorant - Skye

And sometimes it's better to just go back in your head and think about an event clearly because when you watch a VOD you don't have a perfect memory of your emotions. The issue is, VOD has a better memory of minute details. So it sort of depends on how you need assistance. For example, you may only remember what you saw at a point in time. But in a VOD you can see that there might have been a ping or behavior that might have given you clues.

So, don't just play the game when you are alive, replay it when you are dead, as well.

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