GTA Online prize ride and guide, September 9-16, 2021

Published: 11:22, 09 September 2021
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GTA Online - Growler prize ride challenge
GTA Online - Growler prize ride challenge

GTA Online players have a new car to chase if they want it for free but there may be other ways to get it that are just as efficient.

GTA Online prize ride challenge from September 9 to 16 awards the Pfister Growler, the fastest LS Tuners car to this point but it does have problematic handling. The challenge itself is to win eight sprint races so here is a quick rundown on the most efficient ways to get it.

If you have the Kosatka

Assuming you don't have the trade price for the Growler unlocked, it will cost $1,627,000 to buy, which translates to slightly more than the haul from a single Cayo Perico heist, which takes about an hour to do from start to finish, possibly even less. Meanwhile, the challenge itself will easily take more than an hour and a half to do if you're using the most efficient method so you might as well figure out which avenue is better if you want the Growler - the heist or races. 

Our money is on robbing El Rubio, twice. It might take a few minutes longer than win trading but you will end up with a Growler and roughly $1 million to spare.

If you don't have Kosatka

In case that Cayo Perico is not available to you, Growler is still a good catch and worth the effort if you are win trading. This basically means you get one friend into an Invite Only session, you both go to the LS Car Meet, one of you opens the Car Meet menu and requests a Sprint Race. The other one accepts and the two of you are going to do a total of 16 races so each can get eight wins to redeem the car.

Sprint races in GTA Online usually take five or six minutes to complete so it will take 80 to 96 minutes of racing. Add the loading times and you are looking at two hours of work to get the car. 

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