GOG Winter Sale guide - Dirt cheap deals for great games

Published: 18:07, 16 December 2020
Flying Wild Hog
Shadow Warrior 2
Shadow Warrior 2

GOG launched the Winter Sale, packed with massive sales on great games with no DRM. Here is a quick overview of some of our highlights for the games we belive to be great additions to anyone's library.

While the Winter Sale on GOG having a wide array of huge discounts, interesting games and everything in between is a good thing, it can be a bit overwhelming for a casual browser who could get lost in the sheer amount of offerings. 

We picked out thirty or so deals we believe to be some of the best games over the past two decades in gaming, that are also extremely cheap with the discounts applied and may not make the first page in popularity. In other words, these are the resident hidden gems during big sales.

Shadowrun series - 75 per cent off

Shadowrun games are turn-based tactics RPG titles that put Harebrained Schemes on the radar, and rightly so. The trio of games will offer a compelling story each time and interesting characters to haunt you after you've completed them. We mean that in a good way. Avoid the trilogy pack because for some reason, the whole is more expensive than the sum of its parts.

Sacred Gold - 80 per cent off

Sacred is a series that started out great but the sequels didn't measure up. Thankfully, Sacred Gold is discounted to just $1.99, offering a trip down the nostalgia lane and the times when action RPGs were all the rage. It could probably be a massive hit but it had the bad luck of releasing around the time when a behemoth called World of Warcraft popped up in 2004.

Grim Dawn - 75 per cent off

If you are looking for a Diablo-like action RPG that isn't as dated as Sacred, Grim Dawn may be the place to look. It has controller support as well, if you are keen on enjoying the adventures from the comfort of a couch. In case you buy the game, it will set you back $6.24.

Volition Saints Row IV characters riding in a purple car Saints Row IV

Saints Row series - 75 to 80 per cent off

This GTA-like series hardly needs an introduction but here is a brief rundown. SR2 was a bit too similar to GTA San Andreas in the basic idea of gang warfare which may have caused it to gain less attention than it deserved. SR3 took off in its own direction by going for all the over the top antics you could imagine and SR4 went completely off the reservation - both happened in a good way.

Worms Armageddon - 75 per cent off

Team17's Worms series was always hit or miss with each entry but the legendary one that put them on the map, Worms Armageddon , is up for grabs at just $3.74.

Deus Ex series - 85 to 86 per cent off

Deus Ex series has more than just two games but we only picked up these particular titles because they are easily the highlights of the series. Each an unforgettable cyberpunk RPG, you are bound to sink many hours in them, provided you don't mind the dated graphics.

Legacy of Kain series - 86 per cent off

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2 left a huge mark on the gaming industry of the late '90s and early 2000s and if you are not bothered by PS1-like graphics, you are in for a major treat that is on average two decades old.

Thief - 86 per cent off

Speaking of dated graphics and classics, Thief offered a new experience back when everyone was just looking to shoot things in the face. This game set the foundation for the entire series and now you can get it for less than what a bootleg CD cost back in the day.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - 85 per cent off

Mimimi Productions hit all the right notes of real-time tactics when they released Shadow Tactics and you will be hard-pressed to find negative sentiments about it even though the genre is inherently infuriating when things don't go your way. Blades of the Shogun costs $5.99 after the discount.

Ruiner - 75 per cent off

If you are looking for high octane action, beautiful art style in a cyberpunk setting and great bang for your buck, Ruiner is where it's at. In some particular modes, you can get to breakneck speeds which will test the limits of your skill and patience. It will set you back $4.99 wit hteh discount.

Shadow Warrior 2 - 75 per cent off

However, if you like your high octane action in first person instead of the isometric camera, Shadow Warrior 2 might be more up your alley. Think of it as a less serious Doom that costs $9.99 during the Winter Sale.

Frozenbyte Trine 4 - Mystery of Melody DLC Trine 4 - Mystery of Melody DLC

Trine series - 75 per cent off

Contrary to the previous two games, Trine is more on the chill side as the players navigate beautiful maps worthy of the prettiest fables. You may be wondering why Trine 3 isn't there - while it wasn't a terrible game, it is absolutely outshined by the other three entries in the series and simply can't compete with them.

Prince of Persia series - 75 to 80 per cent off

The first three games on the list revitalised the entire franchise even though they were released in the span of three years. Each entry was a beloved one and even the different art style of the 2008 game was received favourably, which is more than what can be said for the upcoming remake of Sands of Time.

Unreal Tournament series - 80 per cent off

Easily some of the most popular games of the golden age of arena shooters, these two UT entries are a delight to play even in the modern-day. Provided that you have the ability and friends to create a LAN party, these can lead to some unforgettable experiences.

Dragon Age: Origins - 75 per cent off

Just like Unreal Tournament series was essential to the golden age of arena shooters, DA:O is essential to the golden age of BioWare. Besides the hugely successful Mass Effect series, the studio launched another huge IP and it was this game that started it all since it won the hearts of gamers all over the world. It costs $4.99 with the discount.

Witcher series - 50 to 80 per cent

It wouldn't be a GOG sale without The Witcher series being discounted . The collection also includes Thronebreaker and The Witcher Adventure game, in case you are keen on learning more about the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski.

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