Escape from Tarkov: All you need to know about drop flares

Published: 11:41, 06 July 2022
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Flare gun needed to shoot flares
Flare gun needed to shoot flares

What is the difference between red and green flare? How do you fire a flare? Why don't flares work in offline mode? Check out the answers to all of these FAQ questions.

Flares and airdrops were introduced with patch 12.12. At first, the flares only illuminated the area, with no real action connected to it. Airdrops were automatic as well and happened at timed intervals.

But with the latest patch 12.12.30, the flares get different variations, and its first function: calling an airdrop.

There are 4 different flare cartridge variations and they are currently color separated into red, white, yellow, and green. Red flare is currently the only one with the actual functionality, as you use red flare to call in an airdrop

As for other colors, they only illuminate the area for now and can be used as a communication with your friends, or as bate to enemies. Nikita mentioned that all these flares will have different functionality connected with them, and most will be airdrop related, for instance, yellow will call in the medical airdrop.

We could see the implementation of other colors sometime during this patch. Until then, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about flares.

Battlestate Games Airdrops can contain valuable loot Airdrops can contain valuable loot

How to fire a flair?

To fire a flair you will need a ZiD SP-81 26x75 signal pistol. The pistol takes your secondary slot and can be Traded with Jaeger for 4 different flair cartridges.

Is there an airdrop limit?

Yes, the current limit is 4 airdrops per raid.

How long do you have to wait for an airdrop?

Usually no longer than a minute. If you don't see any airdrop within a minute, either you didn't use it correctly or there is a glitch or the raid limit has been reached. 

Fired a flair but no airdrop came?

The flare must be fired directly at the sky so the planes can see it, not sideways nor on the ground. Make sure you are in the open when firing the flare, as the airdrops will not be called when standing next to, or on top of some building. Your best chances are open roads or spaces. If the airdrops still don't come, check whether you're using the right cartridge and that the raid limit has not been reached.

Where to find flares and flare guns?

As of now, the flare cartridges cannot be purchased from Traders, while the Flare gun can be Trader with Jaeger. The best way to find flares is by looting stash locations across maps or to buy them via Flea Market once you reach the necessary level.

On what maps can I use the flares?

On all maps that have exteriors: Woods, Shoreline, Customs, Lighthouse, Reserve, and Interchange. Flares cannot be used in Factory and The Lab.

What is in the airdrops?

The airdrop mechanics have been changed with patch 12.12.30, and the airdrops are not divided into 4 types with unique contents: weapons, medicine, supplies, and general-purpose.

Do flares work in offline co-op?

Flares do not work in offline co-op. They will only light up the area, but no airdrop will come. Nikita mentioned on TarkovTV that it will remain like that for now, with an option of adding the airdrop feature to the offline mode sometime in the future.

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