Elden Ring: How to complete Dung Eater questline?

Published: 13:26, 18 March 2022
Elden Ring - Dung Eater and me showing off my Moonlight Greatsword
Elden Ring - Dung Eater and me showing off my Moonlight Greatsword

You may know Dung Eater as a glowing red NPC that appears in one of the rooms in Roundtable Hold after some time. Here's some info about him and how to complete his questline.

Dung Eater can be found in Roundtable Hold, in the room with corpses, past the elderly lady merchant. You'll find him sitting in the room, glowing red. He is a fellow Tarnished so don't bother him too much; he'll even ask you to not disturb him. 

Dung Eater is an important NPC as he can help you access new areas in the game such as the sewers underneath Leyndell as well as give you the Omen armour set. His questline is not that complicated and can be wrapped up quickly so if you're looking to do that, here's a guide that can help you on that journey:

How to complete Dung Eater's questline?

  • Give Dung Eater a Seedbed Curse to receive Sewer-Gaol Key.
    •  This key will give you access to sewers under Leyndell, the capital city leading to the Subterranean Shuunning Grounds. 
  • Once you get to the sewers, you can find Dung Eater in a cell behind a Giant Hand.
    • He's near the Underground Roadside Grace. 
    • As you leave the grace room, go left, down the corridor until you reach the grate.
    • Jump down the grate, past the poison flowers and up the ladder.
    • There, you'll find a Giant Hand with a door behind it and Dung Eater inside.  


- You can find Seedbed Curse in Leyndell Royal Capital.
- You can kill Dung Eater in the sewers to get the Omen set.
- You should not kill Dung Eater in the sewers if you want to complete his quest.

  • Return to the Roundtable Hold, go to his room to find a message Dung Eater left, inviting you to a duel outside of the capital, at the outer moat.
    • The moat is near the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss fight in the Capital Outskirts. (Map below)

Elden Ring - Dung Eater fight location on the map Elden Ring - Dung Eater fight location on the map

  • Beat Dung Eater in the moat and return to Roundtable Hold.
  • Talk to him, he'll ask for more Seedbed Curses. 
  • Bring Seedbed Curses to his real body, which is in the same cell you found him in the sewers. 
  • You need to give him a total of five Seedbed Curses to complete his questline and get the following items:
    • Mending Rune of the Fell Curse (unlocks an alternative ending).
    • Omen Set.

Note: If he doesn't reward you with the Omen Set after giving him the fifth Seedbed Curse, exit the game and reload the area to get it.

Elden Ring - Omen set Elden Ring - Omen set

And that's how you complete the Dung Eater quest line and unlock the alternative ending in Elden Ring. 

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