Elden Ring: What is the Walking Mausoleum and how to enter it?

Published: 17:32, 03 March 2022
Updated: 13:41, 11 March 2022
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Elden Ring - walking Mausoleum
Elden Ring - walking Mausoleum

Walking Mausoleums are creatures/locations in Elden Ring that look like giant turtles. If you explored one of the starting regions, you probably found one in Weeping Peninsula. Here's how to access them.

If you've been exploring the Lands Between in Elden Ring, chances are high that you've stumbled upon massive turtle-like creatures that carry big structures on their backs. These are called the Walking Mausoleums and you can use them to perform Remembrance Duplication which allows you to get a second special boss weapon after you beat the game's bosses and converted its Remembrance into a weapon at Roundtable Hold.

How to access the Walking Mausoleums?

You've found the Mausoleum and all you need to do is strike the skulls on its legs until the Mausoleum stops. 

Be wary though since the giant turtle will try to stomp you as you clear its legs of the corruption. Once the Mausoleum has stopped, simply enter the building and place your boss Rememberance at the altar. 

Keep in mind that only one Rememberance can be used per Mausoleum. 

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Other places where you can find the Walking Mausoleums

In addition to Weeping Peninsula, you can also find Walking Mausoleums at other locations in the Lands Between. Here are all of them:

  • Liurnia of the Lakes
    • Close to Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Grace point. 
    • Two can be found at Mausoleum Compound Grace in Uld Palace Ruins.
  • Mountaintop of the Giants 
    • The first one is near Castle Sol while the second Mausoleum is close to Apostate Derelict Grace northwest of Ordina.)
  • Deeproot Depths
    • Around The Nameless Eternal City Grace.

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