Elden Ring: How to complete Patches questline?

Published: 09:35, 28 March 2022
Elden Ring - There's Patches!
Elden Ring - There's Patches!

It may not look that way but Patches actually has a small questline in Elden Ring. Here's how to complete it. 

How to complete Patches questline?

Patches appears at several locations in Elden Ring and each of your encounters with him is unique and special, as you would have expected from the old bastard. Patches' quest, is not really a big questline that rewards you with a cool weapon, like Ranni for example, but it's still worth it just for the laughs and some great dialogue with the old friend. 

So, here's every known location of Patches in Elden Ring and some steps on how to complete his quest.

Patches Limgrave location 

AltChar Elden Ring - Murkwater Cave, Patches first location Elden Ring - Murkwater Cave, Patches first location

  • Patches' first location is in the Murkwater Cave in Limgrave. As soon as you open his chest, he'll attack you but will ultimately surrender when you get his health bar to 40 - 50 per cent. 
  • He'll ask for forgiveness and will stay for some time in Murkwater Cave. 
  • Visit him for the second time in Murkwater Cave and you'll notice a new chest in the cave, which is actually a trap that sends you to Mistwood Ruins.
  • Return to him from Mistwood and forgive him again. 

Liurnia of the Lakes location

  • If you forgive him for the second time, he will move to Liurnia of the Lakes. He'll be just past the Laskyar Ruins, on a raised isle (map below).

AltChar Elden Ring - Patches location in Liurnia Elden Ring - Patches location in Liurnia

  • Once you meet him, he'll say you should allow Iron Virgin to capture you, and transport you to the Erdtree.
  • Iron Virgin can be found in Raya Lucaria dungeon, at the very bottom of the waterwheel but she'll transport you to Volcano Manor where you'll have a boss fight against two Iron Virgins.

Patches Mt. Gelmir location

  • Once you wrap up the Luirnia and Atlus Plateau, head to Mt. Gelmir, which is where Patches has set up his camp.
  • He is near Mt. Gelmir site of grace, right after the watchtower. You'll notice a message and colourful Rainbow Stones (map below)

AltChar Elden Ring - Patches location in Mt. Gelmir Elden Ring - Patches location in Mt. Gelmir

  • You can speak to him or just follow the trail of Rainbow Stones to the edge to trigger a cutscene. 
  • During the cutscene, Patches will push you from the cliff and say that you'll never get to the Volcano Manor.

Patches Volcano Manor location

  • Patches' next location in Volcano Manor. First, join the Volcano Manor then talk to Patches. 
  • Complete the first assassination then return to Patches to receive a letter. 
  • Complete Patches' request, kill the Great Horned Tragoth in Ruin-Strewn Precipice (map below).

gamingwithabyss Elden Ring - Great Horned Tragoth location Elden Ring - Great Horned Tragoth location

  • Skip some time or reload the area, then return to Patches to get your reward - Magma Whip Candlestick.

Patches Shaded Castle location

  • Once you kill God-Devouring Serpent, which is the last Volcano Manor quest, Patches will head for Shaded Castle, which can be found between Atlus Plateau and Mt.Gelmir. 
  • You can see the Castle when crossing the wooden rope bridge between these two regions.  

gamesfrommars Elden Ring - Patches location in Shaded Castle Elden Ring - Patches location in Shaded Castle

  • Patches will give you Dancer's Castanets which you need to give to Tanith at Volcano Manor (Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy site of grace).
  • If you return to the Shaded Castle, you won't find Patches there. His next location is currently unknown. 
  • There's a high chance that he died after leaving the castle since he tells you he is not well. He also dies after only one hit if you decide to hit him.
  • It's possible that the quest will be expanded with future updates.

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