Elden Ring: How to beat Soldier of Godrick?

Published: 14:06, 24 February 2022
screengrab - gameriot
Elden Ring - First boss fight
Elden Ring - First boss fight

Here's how to take down Elden Ring's first and easiest boss, Soldier of Godrick. 

Soldier of Godrick is a tutorial boss which makes him a fairly easy boss. During this fight, the game is teaching you how to successfully counterattack and perform some other moves like backstabbing. 

Soldier of Godrick will go down after a couple of hits but if for some reason you're having trouble defeating him, here are some tips on how to take Soldier of Godrick down.

How to beat Soldier of Godrick?

Strafe to his right side

This is a fairly old tip that works for a lot of bosses in From Software games. Simply stay close to the boss and keep strafing to the right, circling around the boss and wait for the opening to attack. 

If you do this the right way, Soldier of Godrick won't be able to hit you while you can successfully deal deadly blows to his body.


Soldier of Godrick can be backstabbed fairly easily. Roll behind him when he attacks and use his attack recovery window to connect the backstab.

Backstabbing Soldier of Godrick will take more than half of his health so this boss fight should be over fairly quickly. 

Screengrab - gameriot Elden Ring: Soldier of Godrick can be backstabed fairly easily Elden Ring: Soldier of Godrick can be backstabed fairly easily

Use Jump Attack

This attack is extremely powerful in the Soldier of Godrick boss fight. The jump attack will basically make Soldier of Godrick extremely vulnerable allowing you to Riposte him, which will take a massive amount of his health. 

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